Do you have eyeliner in your purse? Well, of course you have one, because it is the most common make-up product used by women. It can be found in different variants, some easy to use, others difficult… it depends on each one`s experience!

The most easily to use asset is the kohl crayon. Most women prefer the crayon with the softest texture and resistant to water and natural movement of the eye, but not all the crayons on the market have these proprieties, so it`s very hard to find a suitable kohl! It`s preferable this asset shouldn` t scrape, it needs to be smooth, resistant (not to get all over the eyelids) and anti-water! And another thing: search for crayons that have big quantities of silicon in their composition!

The liquid eyeliner is an asset that can be used by most women, it needs attentive handling. This product is composed of a tube with a top. The top has a little brush that can be either smooth or hard; it depends from company to company! Using it may need time, because the liquid doesn`t dry very fast. This type of eyeliner can be found also as a marker; it may give headaches when used because it`s thick and you can`t obtain the line you want just from trying the first time! But leaving all these aspects behind, this type of eyeliner gives the greatest effects, making the eye look wonderful; if you know how to use it!

The cream liner is easy to use, easier than the crayon! It can be found in little boxes and it can be applied on eyes by using a fine brush; it dries fast, but watch out how much you apply on you eyelid, because it can dry slowly…

The compact liner or powder can be found in small boxes, similar to those for usual eye powder! It is applies with a thin brush, that must be wet a little bit. The final effect is that of the liquid liner!

Oh! A thing that was forgotten to be mentioned is that you can find this product in many color variants: black, green, blue or even with glitter in it, so it can be used on all types of eyes! Most women, no matter what eye color possessed, usually tend to use the black eyeliner and it`s a good thing…

Depending on how much you patience you have, you can use these types of eyeliners and you will surely have a retro look every time you want it. Another good thing about this product is that you can use it with a little mascara and you create yourself a casual make-up, without spending many minutes in front of the mirror! If you don`t possess a tube, or a crayon kohl, then go and buy one!