5 Must-Have Engagement Party Essentials





Calling all recently engagement couples! Who is planning a party to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Big and glamorous or close and casual, however you’d like to honor this new commitment is up to the two of your, but we’re sharing 5 must-have’s for every festivity. From the ensemble to the overall ethos, let’s have a quick peek at some essentials for your engagement party!









engagement party essentials

An Incredible Ensemble

No matter the formality of the event, you’ll want to shine as the bride but not in the most expected of ways. Steer clear of white until the wedding day, but make sure you create a bold statement. From cotton candy tutus to gorgeous, floral headpieces, don’t be afraid to think outside-the-box and out of your comfort zone.

engagement party essentials

A Fresh Manicure

Every guests will want to see the ring, so make sure you hands are doing the gorgeous new accessory justice. Have a quick manicure done to make sure everything is polished and cleaned. Of course, adding your own bride-to-be twist is always welcomed. We’re in love wight these silver-tipped beauties!


A Signature Drink

Just like the wedding, you’ll need a signature drink to symbolize the celebration. Whether you serve up your favorite mojito from the restaurant of your first date or create one yourself with an original name, pass around something that family and friends will love but also remember.


An Awesome Invitation

You wouldn’t send out an “e-vite” for the wedding, so don’t send one out for the engagement party either. Even if you decide to make it a casual affair, stray away from Facebook. Instead, send out traditional invitations that go along with the style and theme of the celebration.



An Opposite Theme

Theme the celebration around the season or a style you love: bohemian, carnival, Christmastime. But make sure your wedding won’t have the same details or feeling. Give your guests a new experience at each event. And don’t cut yourself short of the memories.

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