How to Find Your Fiancee the Perfect Engagement Ring

In order to get you fiances perfect engagement ring, you must completely understand her style. This is an important step because if the ring doesn’t fit the style of her personality, she may be stuck wearing a ring that she dislikes for the rest of her life. For instance, if your fiancee is more simplistic at heart, she probably won’t desire a huge, bulky ring that she has to lug around all day. Odds are, she will probably desire a smaller, but yet classy ring to match the style of her character.

However, if your fiancee loves to boldly express herself through fashion statements, you may consider getting her that bigger, multi-colored engagement ring. It is pretty easy to figure out what kind of style your fiancee has. All you have to do is pay attention to the way she dresses on a normal day. This is not to be mistaken for when she is all dressed up for a night out. If she is generally a more casual girl, she may enjoy classic or antique rings. But if she is the type of woman that never leaves the house without the perfect outfit to express herself, then she may wish to have a more modern or even colored stone engagement ring. At the very least, you can ask her what her preference is. This leaves open communication, so that you do not have to guess. This also gives you the opportunity to learn more about her style and how she adapts to the different engagement ring trend styles.

Try To Get Help From Her Best Friends and Family

Luckily for you, most women tell at least one person about their “dream wedding/ ring”. The great thing about getting help from people that are close with her is that she may have disclosed that information with them. The people who care about your fiance want the very best for her and would be happy to assist you if you ask. If you decide to go this route you may not want to take everyone to the store. However, you can look online to compare ring styles at Diamonds Forever San Diego and send options to her friends and family to critique. This allows you to keep them informed and use their help while not being tied down 100% to their opinions, like if you were to go shopping with them.

Go Engagement Ring Shopping With Her

Although being surprised by an engagement ring is one idea, some couples prefer to plan things out and shop together which is totally fine! There is no shame in getting exactly what she wants. So if you’re one that doesn’t care much about the “surprise” of the engagement ring, you may want to talk to your fiancee about this idea. If both of you are on the same page, look online or go to the closest ring store and look around to find rings that fit her style. Once she has a good idea about what she wants, take time to look around at other stores to compare prices and quality. If you do not take extra time to look at different companies, you may get stuck with a ring that is not a quality deal.

Go With Your Instinct

If you have narrowed your options down to a few rings, take time to think about which one your fiance would REALLY like. Then, go with your instinct. To be completely honest, your fiancee will end up falling in love with whatever you get her anyways. Even if she doesn’t particularly

love it in the beginning, she will grow to love it after she realizes the time and effort you put into picking it out just for her. Although it is nice to get her something that she would adore, the important thing about your engagement is that she loves you and that you try your very best to provide her a ring that shows her your love through the time and energy you put into choosing it.