Rings with big stones

We mentioned some time ago that rings with big stones on them are really in trend and we would like to continue with this topic, because we found some breath taking models that will definitely captivate you from the first moment you put eyes on these pictures….

Of course these rings may be too expensive for our pockets, but it doesn’t matter! Looking at them isn’t impossible and of course if you find similar models at lower prices feel free to buy them and wear them!

rings with big stones

The first ring we want to mention about is made with a purple stone, a big one and the stone has nice patterns on it, with fine cuts and lines. Also, let’s mention that it has in the corners, because it is square shaped, it has four magnificent white details from shiny stones that look really nice.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The ring on which these marvelous stones are placed is silver in color and material and it has nice patterns on it, like circular lines. This is indeed a great looking model! Of course the two color tones coordinate perfectly: the purple one and the silver, indeed a pleasant thing to see….

The model presented above can be found in different color variation. For instance, besides the basic material, which is silver, there can be used white or yellow gold and the stone can be blue, green, orange and the list may continue….

Here’s another great looking model of ring that you might definitely want to hold on your finger. This one has a really nice polished stones and you can simply admire all its great looking facets, around this tone there is a frame made only of shiny stones, which glitter and look really, really great.

rings with big stones2

The ring itself is made of silvery material and it is created in circular shapes and lines that look really great combined with the rest of the elements.

The next ring looks divine as well! It is like a big golden touch of color and it’s definitely a pleasure looking at it! It has an amber stone, which is polished with numerous facets. On two of this square looking stone there are some pretty small and white stones that create a nice visual effect.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that in each corner of this stone there are small little pearls made of gold.

rings with big stones3

The rest of the ring looks really nice, as if it’s knitted! The big ring is created from smaller ones and these have really nice patterns on them…. Indeed a great looking piece of art, don’t you think so?