Diamond earrings for brides

You girls should take care of every detail regarding your dress and accessories. Make sure that the pieces of jewelry you wear are in perfect coordination with the rest of the outfit. We recall presenting you some great models of necklaces or bracelets, but this was some time ago. And let’s not mention also that almost every time when we presented a dress we made in such way that you were given even some nice pieces of jewelry and other accessories fitting perfectly with that particular dress….

diamond earrings for brides

We present you some precious models, made of precious stones, but that look marvelous together with the dress. The first example regards a pair of earrings, which are in shape of stars. These earrings are made of diamonds combined with noble gold. After all, it’s your wedding day and you must treat your body with some precious accessories, shouldn’t you?
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We continue with a pair of swirled earrings made of gold and diamonds. At first sight it may seem to you that these resemble some snakes! The models can be considered as looking like snakes…. Leaving this aspect apart we would like to mention also that if you decide on these earrings, which are rather long you may leave your neck without a necklace without any problems. The materials from which this pair of earrings is made won’t permit you to buy a necklace too, because you’ll spend all your money on them.

Leaving the jokes aside, we consider these earrings enough! If you don’t like the idea of gold together with diamonds, you can easily apply for a pair of earrings that are made only of gold and don’t have the stone application. This model is cheaper and you’ll avoid glittery images….

diamond earrings for brides2

If the idea of gold doesn’t seem to be fit for you, maybe silver will be perfect for you! Here you have a pair of circular earrings, big hoops that have a cable detail on them and still look perfect. On the exterior side these have diamonds. We sincerely would like to give a personal impression concerning the mixture of silver and diamonds: these look way better together, there is a compact image created and the diamonds seem to shine more in correlation with the silver material! This is our personal perspective, but you might as well apply for gold and diamonds. After all, there’s also white gold, isn’t there?

We promised to give you several examples regarding pieces of jewelries, and we didn’t mean only earrings! We got carried away and we only described you nice models of earrings. It doesn’t matter, there’s plenty of time for all the accessories possible. The pearl and diamond necklaces seem to be reinvented and added new ideas and we just can’t wait to mention these things!

diamond earrings for brides3

The last pair of earrings was in a big size, but there are also some variants in which you can find these in a rather small form. We wanted to cover all the tastes and views possible, but we’re sure we can’t do this with only one topic, so we promise we’ll going to return and add other examples.