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8 Tips for Choosing a Bridal Ring Set

You dropped a few hints and got the perfect engagement ring, but now it is time to search through bridal ring sets to find the best one to accompany it. Bridal ring sets have existed for thousands of years, and the tradition continues as a representation of love and commitment for married couples. We have prepared the following this 8-tip guide to help you choose the ideal bridal ring set.

1) Decide on Your Preferred Wedding Ring Style

Do you want diamonds or other gemstones? What about platinum, gold or even rose gold? Trying to determine the style you want may seem overwhelming, but you can make the decision one step at a time. Simply start with the style you want. Do you want simple or embellished, or do you want to match the metal of your engagement ring? Decide if you want a matching rings and then start to shop for bridal ring sets.

2) Buy All of Your Rings at The Same Time

Buying your engagement and wedding bands together can save you money, and help you to make a unified decision. If your engagement is a surprise, this option may not work. However, assessing your wants and desires for your engagement ring at the same time as your wedding ring can help you to make the best complementary choice.

Bridal Sets

3) Don’t Delay Your Ring Search

Once you have determined the ring you want to have, the best part is next – you get to try them on! Give you and your significant other at least two months to try on rings prior to the big day. This will give you enough time to do your research, browse and try rings on. Want a custom ring? Give yourself at least six months lead time.

4) Consider Mix and Match

Just because your partner has a different style and metal color preference does not mean you have to forgo yours. There is no rule that prevents you from mixing and matching your bridal set colors, or even mixing metals on one band! Your bands should reflect you and your partnership.