In trend earrings in interesting shapes

In the lines to come we would like to give you extra tips regarding in trend models of earrings. You have here some interesting models, which caught our eyes from the first moments and you may want to take them in consideration for enriching your jewelry box!

The first example regards a pair of earrings that have the shape of zips! These are made of a metallic material that doesn’t oxidize! This accessory has wire backs and looks really interesting on the ear.

The next two models have also an interesting form: we have for you a pair that takes the shape of bolts and others with circular shape, with different logo on them…. These have post backs and look really interesting on the ears, like the model presented above!

We continue with a pair of wooden earrings with sterling silver cables and post backs. There’s the fine combination of dark brown and silvery that gives the nice aspect to this pair of earrings. We recommend you to wear these in playful combination of clothes and in casual surroundings….

We have also a nice model of earrings made in black and white nuances! Black flowers with beads on the margins and a round stone in the centre, these have clip backs and we like that the black background is made of leather! Indeed it is a great combination and a special design.

The next pair of earrings is also made of wood, in shape of drops, with clip backs and with golden hardware. There’s a playful combination of light brown and golden, which makes an interesting view to the eye. We suggest you to wear such earrings and if you don’t possess a pair you should browse fast and buy ones!

There’s also a great model of earrings that has at the basic color purple, which is perfectly combined. We’re talking about a pair of earrings with fringes with a multitude of stones placed there and gold as basic material. The earrings have wire backs and look really great, they’re long and confer a wonderful aspect to the entire outfit!

The last model we would like to speak about is a pair of chain hoop earrings. This pair has gunmetal-plated hoops and a chain cobweb motif with post backs. We found the model very interesting. In fact, all the models presented above are in trend and really fashionable! We recommend each one of these pairs to be part of your accessory box!