Why You Should Consider Using these Historic Rings as Engagement Rings

There is nothing more romantic than asking the love of your life to tie the knot. Many would go to great lengths to make the act of proposing marriage to be as dramatic and memorable as possible. However, equally important is the choice of engagement ring as this symbolises your love, devotion, and fidelity to the one you’re proposing to. Diamond engagement rings are already commonplace so you’d have to think outside the box to really surprise your loved one. You should consider using the collection of historic rings of Berganza as engagement rings.

For instance, choosing any of the famous intaglio rings used by the ancient Greeks can give your loved one the impression that you are here to protect your marriage. At a time when divorces are rampant, giving an ancient Greek engagement ring will simply be symbolic and fitting. This is especially true if you choose one that is closely associated with the Greek divine hero and god of strength, fertility, and health, Heracles.

Choosing an ancient Roman engagement ring will help convey the message that your marriage will last for eternity. Ancient Roman intaglios are filled with images of the Roman gods and goddesses that have been worshipped as protectors of marriage. Many of these betrothal rings have engravings of couples facing each other, symbolising their love and commitment for one another, and eternally immortalised in these rings.

If you choose a Byzantine design of engagement ring, you’re conveying the message of timeless elegance. The filigree and granulation techniques used in these beautiful rings speak of one’s commitment to treat the marriage as one timeless adventure, just as the exploits of the Byzantine Empire saw them conquering the known world.

The Saxons and Vikings were known for their intricate works that involved twisted chevrons, braids, spirals, and knots. They favoured geometry over linear designs in pretty much the same way as you accept and acknowledge the fact that marriage will be wrought with a variety of challenges. The point you’re trying to make is to reassure your fiancée that despite the many twists and turns of married life, you’ll still be there for her.

Getting a Medieval engagement ring tells of your devotion to your future wife, that no matter how dark the future may be, you’d still be there to provide the light to your family. The Medieval period is largely known as the Dark Ages and as such these rings speak of the man’s resilience amidst adversity. These rings are designed with bright gemstones and rich gold tones.

A Tudor engagement ring has heavy decorations on all sides of the jewellery complete with detailed engraving or rich enamelling. A Stuart period betrothal ring features elaborate gold wire designs that are shaped into the lovers’ initials. Giving these rings to your loved one simply indicates your readiness and commitment to settle down for good as these rings are largely considered to be the earliest proof of the use of engagement rings.

These rings are more than just pieces of historical jewellery. They symbolise love and commitment that is vital in today’s marriages.

To have a look at what all these rings look like we have included an infographic below so you can find out more about these beautiful rings.