diamond solitaire engagement ring

What’s Your Engagement Ring Style?

Choosing an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. With so many styles, cuts, metals and makers and with the added pressure of owning one that you’ll love for a lifetime, it takes a little thought to get the ring just right! But not to fear, we’ve broken down the different styles for you to help you on your search. Which one suits you best?

1.  Classic

You believe in the timeless value of things. Your taste doesn’t go in and out of season but you prefer to own things that will hold memories and last a lifetime. Spending a little more is often justified for you by investing in items that are of the highest quality and design. Pick a diamond solitaire engagement ring that’s princess-cut or round with a platinum metal and you can’t go wrong.


2.  Bold

Celebrity styles have brought bold engagement ring looks into fashion. If you love to make a statement and stand out from the crowd then you’ll definitely want a large diamond ring to grab people’s attention. Go for a halo ring setting with small diamonds inserted along the ring band for a bold effect that will be sure to sparkle.

3. Vintage

Do you prefer the boho look and love to treasure memories and history? Then a vintage-style engagement ring will definitely suit you. Some brides are intrigued by precious rings passed-down through as heirlooms or you can even find second-hand rings and diamonds that you can alter to make your own.

small diamonds

4. Sweet

Many companies like Chisholm Hunter specialise in presenting more minimalist looks. If you prefer things petite and pay attention to detail then a square, princess or round cut diamond in a prong setting will be perfect for you.

5. Unique

You might prefer to carve your own path in life and do things your own way. Then why not custom-design your engagement ring for a truly unique style? There are plenty of other precious gems to choose from other than diamonds or you could pick a beautiful coloured diamond instead. The possibilities are endless when you dive-in to design your own. So go ahead and get creative to match your engagement ring to your unique personality.

unique diamond engagement ring