The Right Time to Buy Your Loved One an Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is the ultimate symbol of a long lasting relationship, a representation of your love for your partner and the perfect gift. But when is the right time to purchase such a lavish ring?

Milestone Anniversary

One of the most popular occasions to gift 77 eternity rings is on a milestone anniversary, if you’ve been together say 25, 50 or even 70 years. It’s a way of letting your partner know that your affections for them are as strong as your wedding day when you initially exchanged rings and that new piece of jewellery solidifies this.

Milestone Birthday

When you get married, you’re going to celebrate two birthdays forever more as your partner’s big day becomes just as important as your own. This is why the gift of an eternity ring is a good choice for a significant birthday, whether that be their 40th, 50th or even their 90th!

Valentine’s Day

What better day to proclaim your ever lasting love than the one day a year, set aside for those who wish to let their other half know just how much they mean to them. An eternity ring is a wonderful, unexpected surprise they can open on the 14th February.

Surprise Gift

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to give a special present to the one you love, perhaps you just want to surprise them over your usual big Sunday breakfast or have been feeling like you need to declare your love for them in a stronger way of late.

First Home Purchase

For many, renting a home together is commonplace before marriage and many newly wed couples choose to wait a few more years before mustering up a deposit and buying a home. That’s why, if you have any money spare, an eternity ring is a wonderful new home gift that you can give your partner on the first night together.

Addition to the Family

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderful occasion and the perfect way of celebrating this milestone as a couple is with an eternity ring, to look back on and remember the memories of those first few moments when you got to enjoy your newborn as parents, after arriving home.

Choosing the Right Eternity Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect eternity ring pick out a design that complements their wedding band and engagement ring: choosing a gold band when all they wear is silver jewellery isn’t the best option. Most people wear their eternity ring alongside their wedding band and engagement ring, but it can be worn on any finger you wish. According to tradition, there is also a certain order rings should be worn with the wedding ring first, then engagement ring and finally eternity ring – this is because the wedding band should be worn closest to the heart.

Next is to decide what type of stone setting you want; eternity rings are traditionally a little glitzier than the wedding band and even engagement ring your partner is perhaps wearing. Take some time to browse styles and choose something that reflects their personal tastes and preferences.

An eternity ring is also a big investment, so perhaps when it comes to deciding on the ‘right time’, ensure that you can afford to purchase one before making your choice.