Bride’s jewelry

bride-jewelryFrom make-up to your nails to make-up, clothes, gown, purse and shoes… everything has to be arranged, so the bride must think of what jewelry to wear in her wedding day! After you decide what your dress looks like and what will you wear certainly, comes the other phase: accessorizing!

Necklaces are still on top and certainly they will always be! Picking it can be a tough decision because it needs to be in perfect coordination with the gown, not to contrast with it or to take your eyes over it!

In other to choose your accessories you must consider the wedding gown: if it`s a simple dress, without strong embroideries, then it`s recommended to use a glamorous necklace, try using white stones with different sizes and the biggest one to come in the middle on the chest! You can also be elegant if you wear a pearl necklace, but in this case you surely need some earrings to match it with, but small ones, because pearls are exclusivist pieces of jewelry, don`t you forget that!

Opulent necklaces seem to be in top for some years now and designers tend to trace a continuous line around this model of extravagance! Try to use for this piece of jewelry a combination between precious and semi-precious stones, textile materials and crystals, stones in silver or gold metals and many pairs of beads! Brides with courage and want to start comments should really wear ultra dimensional pieces of jewelry and their success is guaranteed!

Many designers produce their jewelry with an aquatic theme taking shell forms, snail shells decorated with sea stars, colored ivory, white or blue. The simply look marvelous on a tanned skin if matched with vaporous textures. These pieces of jewelry will transform you in a mermaid that certainly will attract everybody`s attention!

Gold is always in top, be it yellow or white, many brides have worn a gold necklace in their wedding day, and many say it brought luck. If you don`t like yellow gold, then try a white one or platinum if you really afford this kind of pieces of jewelry!

If your dress has by itself a lot of accessories, you must wear a fine necklace and small earrings not to have kitsch look! Certainly you will be admired by all of how beautiful you look and refined in the same time! If the jewelry is absent then your wedding gown is incomplete, it`s like a part of it! So, make sure you will look refined and radiant in your wedding day and that you wear the appropriate accessories!