Interesting models of oversized necklaces

We continue our examples regarding oversized necklaces and this time we will bring some other interesting examples that will probably take your eyes from the first moment we describe them to you.

The first example of necklace is made of gold and it is kind of expensive but the model is really great looking. We’re speaking about a short necklace that has some golden shapes under the format of shells. Also inside of these there are some plastic pearls placed exactly in the middle and that look really great.

Let’s also mention that the necklace has a lobster clasp in the back and it can be adjusted accordingly to your physique. It’s an interesting model that will certainly catch your eyes and it’s for those that are more into the extravagant stuff. And let’s admit it! You can’t be worn in all the places and with an ordinary outfit.

The next model regards a spike necklace made of wood and gold. There is a yellow gold plated metal at the basis and there are used wooden spikes. This necklace will cover all your cleavage area and it will certainly create an amazing visual effect. The spikes are medium sized and really thing. Be sure that this oversized necklace will catch the eyes of those surrounding you!

There are so many models similar to this one and also it can be made of different materials not only from wood or gold. The spikes can be made from horn or bones and the prices are accordingly to the materials these are realized from.

Similar to one of the necklaces presented previously is this one: it’s made of metal discs, but these aren’t laced. Also these discs are in diverse shapes and these may have different patterns on motifs on them. You can find such a necklace in a silver or golden variant. We sincerely like both of the options and we find them interesting….

The last model looks simply breathtaking. It has a silver hardware and on them there are placed clear and faceted beads that look simply dazzling, similar to the effect created by diamonds or crystals. On the middle row you can observe some nice patterns on the transparent beads; the effect may be probably created by the silver hardware at the basis.

Be sure that this necklace will be kind of expensive, but it affordable compared to those made in a tribal style and that have special materials at the basis.

Once more we hope that you’ve enjoyed our examples and maybe you consider in buying similar models to these presented by us. We will probably return with this topic and give you extra examples of oversized necklaces that can be used day by day or for a special occasion.