Picking wedding jewelry

Picking the wedding jewelry depends first of all on the style and desire of every bride. When it comes to fashion the piece of jewelry that you feel looks on you and it characterizes you. We find fashionable what you’ve always dreamed of and what you look interesting with on.

picking wedding jewelry

Many future brides want a special look of princess and act like such, choosing the wedding dress and the appropriate accessories. A complex necklace or big earrings made chandelier style and having in its compounds big stones and a lower tiara or taller – depends on the style of the hairstyle – are necessary elements, even if they’re not combined all together.
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Other bride are simples and want a relaxed air and playful. The accessorizing elements are the crystal necklace or that made of pearls, simpler, at the basis of the neck, longer and shorter, the Greek style crown, Roman or simple with some hairpins and with crystals and pearls.

Opulent or minimal?

If you choose a spectacular wedding dress with a bust that has lots of applications on it, some pieces of jewelry which are discrete are more than enough. In change, if your wedding dress is classical, even if it has long train and crystals on the lower side of the wedding dress then it’s great to choose pieces of jewelry that are more spectacular and elaborate, which go out of patterns. You’re going to observe this year as well the tendency of wearing oversized earrings, simple and in chandelier style, which are imposing in order to realize an impact and glam effect. Also, a big broche made of multiple crystals, with an irregular shape or with a defined one constitutes a wedding dress with a detail that confers style and attracts everybody’s eyes.

picking wedding jewelry 2

Crystals or pearls?

A necklace can be distinguished through an extraordinary way of glittering due to the usage of Swarovski crystals, complexity of the execution and the models. They can also have the main element around which you can observe the image of the bride.

The crystal necklaces with pearls at the basis of the neck are suitable with a wedding dress with corset and with a deep cleavage.

If your wedding dress is darker in tone then the earrings are the accessory that emphasizes everything in order to be highlighted. The pearls are the symbol of elegance and of noblesse. The pearl necklace is the ideal accessory for a conservative bride that prefers a classical wedding dress. It’s also worn with crystals and hairpins, pearls or beads or hair ornaments in broche style with big crystals or smaller and also, ampler elements of crystals that can get modeled depending on the hairstyle.