Enso Rings Packaging

Enso Rings: Silicone Wedding Band Review

How did I even get here? I got engaged in December 2016 and loved my engagement ring, obviously. However, I went to a wedding in Jamaica in April 2017 and felt pretty hesitant to bring my ring in the pool or even out of the safe – I didn’t want to ruin it! Fast forward to August 2018 and I’m married, so now have 2 beautiful rings, and have a trip to Mexico coming up.

I wanted to be able to still wear a ring to show that I’m happily married but didn’t just want any ring. Luckily one of the guys I work with had an Enso Ring and had raved about it a while back and I decided to take the leap. He brought some in for me to see/test out and I fell in love instantly.

I also play competitive volleyball and go to the gym often and my gold rings just didn’t cut it. I’d usually leave them home if I went home first, but I felt naked without my rings. There were also times when I just couldn’t go home first and didn’t trust my gym bag to keep them safe. So this was a way to still wear a ring during the day and playing sports!

Purchase Process

The site can get a little overwhelming – but only because there are so many beautiful colors and choices! Since my purpose was for Mexico (and the gym/volleyball) I wanted something with a bit of color.

I purchased the Women’s Infinity Silicone Ring in Pollen and three of the Braided Stackable Silicone Rings in Misty Grey, Turquoise and Peach – which just happened to be my wedding colors.

I completed my purchase on August 23, 2018, and they were on the way on August 24. I believe I received notice that they were delivered on September 6 but I had to pick them up from Canada Post because there was a processing fee that I had to pay. It was just GST + the processing fee which came to around $14.

When I got my replacement ring I wasn’t charged anything, so I wrote them to ask why. They said that if I sent in my receipt they’ll refund my charges. Since I didn’t keep it, I told them that, but they said I could send a screenshot of my bank statement and that was good enough! Such good customer service.


Gold Wedding Ring vs. Enso Silicone Ring Sizing

Enso has a pretty good sizing chart on their website and gives various methods to find your size. Since these rings were for me, it was easy enough to use their print out with just my own rings to see the best size.

I was a little surprised to see that the sizes seemed to run small in comparison to metal rings. My engagement ring and wedding bands are both Size 5 but the chart suggested a Size 6 for me – so I ordered all 4 rings in Size 6. The braided rings were perfect but the Infinity ring was just a bit too big. Luckily their exchange process is very easy!

Quality & Detail

Stackable Ring Details

When the rings came I was pleasantly surprised with the colors and details that they each had. The silicone was soft and flexible. The ring colors were true to the site and bright, exactly what I wanted.

Infinity Ring Details


Lucky for this review, I had to do an exchange! It was as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Fill out the form on this site: Enso Rings

Step 2: They email you with the address to send your ring back to. You literally put it in a plain envelope, few extra stamps if you’re Canadian, and put it in the mailbox!

Step 3: You’ll get a personal email from a customer service agent saying they processed the ring and it’s on the way! I actually got the email prior to even sending my ring back.

My new ring fit much better and it is so light on my finger.

Practical Use

I’ve used all of the rings while playing volleyball and have to say they’re amazing! I find that with the Stackables, wearing 2 is the optimal number. Only 1 feels weird (especially since I’m now used to wearing 2!) and 3 just takes over my finger.

Three Stackable Enso Rings

The Infinity was definitely better for sports though! It fits better on my finger and doesn’t feel like it’s there at all.

Pollen Enso Infinity Ring

They didn’t move at all while playing, but also didn’t feel in the way after the second time. It was definitely weird to have a ring on while playing sports but I got used to it just like I got used to my gold rings.

I can’t wait to wear them in Mexico. They’re so lightweight and inexpensive, so I won’t be afraid of losing them or ruining them. Win-win!