Pearl jewelry for the bride

This topic is dedicated to those brides that love pearls. If there are some future spouses who don’t love pearls, they will, starting from now on! We have nice models of necklaces and a great looking pair of pearl earrings. So, let’s start….

The first model regards that pair of earrings. It’s made on the upper side of gold in which the pearl is nicely placed! This combination between the pearl white and the shiny golden piece looks marvelous and we envy those brides that adopt such earrings! On the part made of gold you may have encrusted some diamonds or crystals! The aspect will be just breathtaking.

pearl jewelry for the bride

We continue with a nice strain of pearls. These ivory pearls are in a small dimension and it goes exactly at the basis of the neck. You may combine the pair of earrings presented above with this piece of jewelry, because it has here and there a small bead in golden nuance. This small bead can be made of gold or any other such material.

pearl jewelry for the bride2

The next model regards also an interesting necklace, also made of pearls. It has a silvery chain on which you can find here and there some pearls. These pearls are in different dimensions. The link chain is placed around the neck and creates about three layers. Due to the silvery nuance of this chain it can’t be mixed with the pair of pearl earrings. It’s no problem: you can also not wear earrings, because the neck is already too filled with the layers of chain.

pearl jewelry for the bride3

A long strand of pearls is classical and will be always in trend. Why shouldn’t you adopt it in your wedding day? You can put this necklace in two over your neck in order to look as a double strand. Wearing it just the way it is, long until the waist can be done in another occasion, but not in your wedding day when you need to look divine!
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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls look way greater on a bride. It offers her that angelic look that must be present in her wedding day. We’re not suggesting you to get rid of diamonds or crystals. We’re only paraphrasing some sayings. That’s what we heard about those that wear pearls in their wedding day.

pearl jewelry for the bride4

Let’s admit it: besides being really expensive, pearls have a great aspect and can be also worn in other occasions, not only on your wedding day. So, if you’ve bought some pearls for your wedding day, keep them and wear them at a party with a fancy dress. You already knew what should be done, but we’re just here to encourage you and remember that you can play with imagination and your ideas.