Necklaces- ovsersized and tribal

The oversized necklaces are really in trend as we’ve already mentioned this thing so many times up to this moment…. We’ve presented you some interesting models of such necklaces and we would like to continue that list with some other great looking necklaces, and this time we promise not to disappoint you and hope the last times we didn’t too.

We start with a necklace that has at the basis some tribal inspirations and you can be sure of that. It’s made of bead bibs and the placement of all these elements bring us to the idea of tribal.

This necklace is made of yellow gold where the beads are placed. Also these marbles have different colors and in various sizes. There’s a hook closure and this piece of jewelry is going to fit perfectly the basis of your neck. We like this model really much although it costs a lot; we’re certain that you’ll find similar models at lower prices and still remain in trend, right?

The next model of necklace is so modern looking and it’s made of yellow gold with braided snake chains and with a spring ring clasp. This piece of jewelry goes somewhere at the basis of your neck and it will certainly confer you a modern and elegant look. It’s really interesting as a model and don’t forget: it’s oversized.

It’s not that expensive in comparison with the first type of necklace we presented to you, so don’t worry this one is definitely affordable!

There’s another oversized necklace that caught our eyes immediately and it’s a graduated lace model. It’s made of silver and it has some graduated lace disc with a lobster clasp in the back side. There’s a larger disc in the front side of this piece of jewelry and this is the biggest one of them all, the rest have a graduated size….

This model is quite interesting and it will confer you an extravagant air. Let’s also mention that it’s kind of expensive and it can’t be considered affordable for all of you. If you like this model you might as well start earning some money.

The last model we want to bring to you is made of horns in interesting looking links. If you don’t like the idea of these being made from horn that you can settle for the kitsch plastic material. This is also an oversized model and it looks pretty interesting in the manner the horn is polished; the necklace is designed in interesting looking chain and let’s mention that it is oversized, we didn’t present it randomly.