The engagement ring

Before the wedding, it is very known well that the two loved ones get engaged! The engagement ring is worn by the future bride on the right hand showing that she is going to get married! The finger on which the girl is wearing the ring, it is said to contain the vein of love. In some regions the engagement is marked by a party and a small, religious ceremony!


Most of the times, the engagement ring is worn only by the woman that is going to get married, but in some countries the man wears as well this ring( Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland). In these regions the engagement rings serves also as a wedding ring by moving it to the right hand. The girl receives a diamond ring serving as an engagement ring!
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The men pick an expensive ring to demonstrate their love and passion! Usually, the engagement ring is made of gold with a precious stone. The more expensive it is the happier bride will be! Gold isn`t a basic material for rings, platinum, silver or white gold can be also some nice variants to pick from! And the precious stones (diamond most of the time) can be substituted with a semi-precious ones (rubies, emeralds, sapphires). Pearls and opals are used rarely in engagement rings because they smash easily!


Gold and platinum are the best materials used for rings, not engagement or wedding ones in particular, because these materials are resistant and look good! These materials resist in time to the eventual damages! Silver isn`t recommended to make rings, because in contact with other materials it oxidizes.

What are the big pluses of the expensive materials for rings, such as gold or platinum? The big plus is they can be combined; creating a wonderful chromatic image and the precious or semiprecious stone comes very well with both of the materials.


No matter on what hand it is worn, what material is it made of, the engagement ring is a special symbol! A symbol of love and the beginning of a new period in one`s life… most of the women remember this jewelry with kindred faces and what wouldn`t they give to turn back in time! The engagement ring is worn together with the wedding ring and both symbolize love, happiness and fidelity! If you don`t like the ring you`ve received from your lover, you can ask him to change it after your wedding and it won`t be a problem, be sure of that!