Bridal Ring Trends to Watch For in 2019

In recent years, the modern bride-to-be has left traditional norms and shown a perspicacious taste for the avant-garde, especially when it comes to engagement rings. The industry has seen more interest in unique settings, colorful stones, unusual shapes, among other things. And though the classic engagement ring styles still have a major place in the world of jewelry, there is a lot to look forward in 2019 for those who like something outside the norm.

Unusual Engagement Ring Cuts

In 2018, the motto for engagement rings has been “Anything goes.” This attitude will continue to pick up spread on into 2019 as younger couples entering the market desire to leave the status quo behind. Katherine Kim, the designer of KatKim fine jewelry, said in an interview that she has seen an uptick in stone cuts that transcend what is often viewed as “engagement ring cuts.” It is predicted that people will be choosing unusual bridal cuts such as the pear, marquise, and trillion shapes.

Mixing and Matching

Today’s women are not as concerned with sticking to tradition as women from generations past. For instance, though the classic white wedding dress is still the number one choice, we are seeing more brides choosing dresses full of color and flair. The same is happening with engagement rings and even wedding bands as women are discovering their own individual identities. The year ahead will see more focus on unique craftsmanship rather than traditional bridal jewelry. One such trend that has been growing this year features mixed color bands and stones. Buyers can expect to see this trend to continue on into the future.

Stacked Wedding Ring Bands

The stacked wedding ring idea has been around for a while now. For example, women in Switzerland have been wearing stacked wedding bands for generations. The first ring stands for the engagement, the second is for the marriage, while the third represents motherhood. Furthermore, the “layered look” or “stacked-look” has been a fashion trend for some time. This makes stacked wedding bands meaningful and fashionable. Another meaning ascribed to the three-layered ring trend is the time the couple spent leading up to the engagement, the engagement, and the marriage. Of course, any meaning can be given to the bands. After all, it’s your story.

Men’s Engagement Rings

Men’s engagement rings (also called “mangagement” rings) have been around for a while. In 2010, Michael Bublé is one well-known name in pop culture who got Western media all abuzz when he showed off his mangagement ring. Bublé had then gotten engaged to Argentine actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre, and it’s a part of the Argentine culture for the man to wear an engagement ring as well.