Oversized wedding jewelry

The wedding jewelry collections that you can apply for, as a bride are indeed various. Do you want to apply for bridal jewelry that is all about simplicity, a minimalist style and you only see a precious stone attached? Well, then make sure that the bridal gown that you wear is really something: you have to be emphasized through something, if it isn’t the wedding jewelry, then the bridal gown or the makeup or bridal hairstyle sure have to be defining elements.

In case, as a bride, you want to maintain a classical line then the idea of adopting a pearl set of bridal jewelry seems the right option for you.

Bridal jewelry
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Bridal jewelry

There’s also the situation in which you can adopt an oversized necklace in order to complete the simplicity of the wedding gown. Yes, as long as you apply for such a set of wedding jewelry, then there’s also the case in which you can definitely use such a set: an oversized necklace with all kinds of stone applications and a pair of long earrings made with the same type of stone applications as the ones used in the oversized piece of jewelry.
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We find this particular model exquisite and we consider that you can definitely take it into consideration as long as you know what message to transmit.

In case you want to make the wedding jewelry be all about being glittery and sparkling: then this oversized bridal necklace with only glittery applications seems the right idea. To this accessory you can see attached a pair of long earrings with stone applications. And to make the imagery complete, the ideas of wedding jewelry and accessories is completed by the bridal hair flower, which is realized with feathers and an oversized flower with sparkling details in its middle side.

Wedding jewelry
Source: http://www.alexiadesigns.com/Wedding/Necklaces-and-Jackets/-Style-N072/
Wedding jewelry

Such a combination of details seems really gorgeous to us and you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a great look.

In the same style as the first two pieces of wedding jewelry that we’ve mentioned about, there’s this other necklace that is made in diamond white and silver tones with sparkling details and oversized stones.

Wedding jewelry
Source: http://www.alexiadesigns.com/Wedding/Necklaces-and-Jackets/-Style-N078/
Wedding jewelry

We find this model interesting looking and it’s combined with a pair of earrings that consist only of a stone detail. Certainly it’s a bridal jewelry set to die for ad it makes you look really elegant.

Let’s complete once again that as long as you apply for such oversized pieces of wedding jewelry and details, you have to make sure that the wedding dress that you have on you is realized in a rather simple manner – it’s an essential thing!