Pearls at the wedding

Did you know that September and October are between the most popular periods in which weddings take place? The weddings that take part during the fall season have a special aroma in contrast with those that take place during the hot season and the extreme warmth, or winter weddings in which you search for a cozy spot.

Many of the ideas of the brides related to the “fall season” are rustic, but they’re surely between one of the most elegant and original.

pearls at the wedding

If you want to avoid classical colors related to fall, you can apply for pearls and accessories in red burgundy, to which you attach tones like dark purple or that of eggplants.

The bride can choose to wear a dress with golden tones instead of a white one, accessorized with crystals in the tone of amber. This can be the perfect choice for a ceremony in a gothic church.
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The brown tone is really popular among weddings that take place during the fall season. In order to create a contrast, you can use orange pearls or lilac.

Think of how pretty are going the bridesmaids and how they’re going to look in taffeta and brown dresses with lilac accessories. The bouquets are going to be as well made in lilac tones or light purple, using flowers like callas, orchids, roses or lisianthus.

pearls at the wedding 2

Gold is a really elegant tone for pearls, similar to copper as well. The metallic tones are an excellent choice for pearls, next to which you can attach accessories in colors like emerald green, cobalt and bright orange. Use metallic containers and that are going to look gorgeous when adorned with flowers.

If the bright tones are not accordingly to your tastes there’s a color, which is not going to fail ever. The colored pearls in cream go nicely in each occasion, not only during fall weddings.

pearls at the wedding 3

They can be accessorized with wedding gowns in brown tones or grey. If you choose this option the bouquets have to be in contrasting tones, in colors like bright orange or purple.

So, if you like pearls that much you can apply for them in such a manner that you end up with really gorgeous combinations. We’re certain that you already have an image on how you’re going to look in that particular day and with pearls attached on you.

Also, if you like them that much you can apply for adding these pearls in bridal bouquets and this is something top take into account in case you consider these accessories and jewelry as being essential for the big day and for you. Not only are you going to look gorgeous with them on, but also you’re going to be able to wear them in another occasion as well.