Diamond wedding ring

From all you’ve heard speaking about diamonds you already know that they’re really rare, that there aren’t two diamonds likewise and that each one is unique in its own way.

For a half a carat of diamond is necessary to process a tone of rock.

Want to know more about diamonds before purchasing such a stone for your ring? We’ve prepared a list with all you have to know about these and implicit about the engagement ring, necessarily one with diamond.

Even if it’s a cold stone, this gem tends to be made in condition of high temperature and high pressure.

The Geological Institute of America plays an important role when it comes to logging the diamonds, they’ve made the system of degrees of diamonds and they’ve adopted ones of the most important jewelry craftsmen around the world.
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The application of the system of GIA shows the synthetic examples, the fakes and the treatments used.

All diamonds have four main characteristics through which they’re studied and catalogued: the color, the clarity, the cuts and the weight.

It’s extremely rare that a diamond doesn’t have certain characteristics, like including some internal or external stains.

The degree of color is determined through comparing every diamond with a set of calibration, starting with tones of yellow, light yellow and with the culmination of brown. The rarest diamonds are the ones pure colorless.

Some diamonds can emit visible light when they’re exposed to UV rays, but this characteristic is additional to their identification.

The scale of clarity GIA includes 12 degrees, starting from Flawless to Included.

The true value of a diamond consists in the manner in which the light is reflected to the multitude of facets made through polishing and in its penetration in the interior of the gem.

The proportion in which a finished diamond has been cut affects the manner in which it reflects the light.

A carat is equal with 200mg, the under unities are points.

With all of these characteristics you have to obligatorily write in a guarantee certificate. Verify the periodicity of the information with the help of a gemologist.

It’s really important to know a little bit of diamonds in case you want to apply for a ring that has such a stone on it.

The main thing is that you make sure you choose an appropriate stone and wedding ring or engagement ring and sum up with really interesting accessories on your hand. In other words, you have to make sure that the diamond you apply for is indeed your best friend, because you know very well what they say….