Accessorinzing the bride`s dress with jewelry

Many future brides just can wait until the moment they choose their accessories for the wedding gown! When speaking of accessories, what comes in most of our heads? The jewelry, obviously! Brides choose jewelry according to their personality, first of all and second, according to the model of the wedding dress and maybe what colors are used in the wedding bouquet!


Some brides choose the pompous jewelry, big and elegant, a complex necklace to which they add some special earrings, very refined in details! And to these pieces she also uses a tiara and she`s looking like a princess!
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There are also some women that prefer the simple aspect of life, and choose only some simple pieces of jewelry, which makes us think of the natural and simple aspect! The necklace is the basic element of the minimalist accessorizing, maybe made out of crystals or pearls, and some simple earrings, long or short, crown in Greek or Roman style, some simple hair pins with crystals or maybe, pearls!

You should pick your jewelry depending on how your wedding dress is made and how simple it is! If it`s a wedding dress, with puffed skirt and embroideries on the corsage, you surely need some simple pieces of jewelry, not to make a “stuffed” image of yourself! Pick up a simple necklace and small earrings! If you have a simple dress, then you can play with how many pieces of jewelry you want! So, you can put the accent on your earrings, wear big earrings and you`ll certainly be admired by all!


Another element, admired by all, can be a big broche in whatever shape you like, with many crystals, it offers a wonderful style to the entire gown!

Depending on the details on your dress or even the cuts, you can use different elements of jewelry: you can wear a crystal or pearls necklace if you have a corsage or a deep cleavage (the pearl necklace is a symbol of aristocracy), if your dress doesn`t have many cuts in the bust area, then the earrings are the basic accessories! The pearl necklace is especially worn by women that prefer the classical aspect; also they can wear hair pins made out of crystals, or even a broche! Depending on the amount of money possessed for buying the jewelry, the brides can wear a multitude of pieces of jewelry!

This year is marked by the brides that have self confidence, are feminine, independent and glamorous in the same time! This image is a perfect inspiration of the 1940-1950 period, so there`s a tendency for the retro look! This retro look consists of: big stones, interesting necklaces, big earrings with a lot of details! In one word: glamour!


The amount of jewelry you apply on yourself doesn`t matter at all, it matters if you accessorize your dress properly and use the jewelry that suits you the most!