Vintage homemade necklaces

Many of us probably have in their households a box with old marbles and insignificant things and objects that we don`t want to throw away! Here`s a suggestion what you can do with such things! Vintage and really classy necklaces! Certainly it even didn’t come into your mind, because you always buy your jewelry, but you can make your accessories and still be fashionable!

Take a really resistant string, some ribbons in your favorite colors and all these things you have in your box or bags or God knows where! Take a deep breath and start in this way: begin placing the marbles or the different shapes of plastic you have on the string just make sure you`ve knitted the area around those objects!

Another thing is to make some bows out of ribbons and place them wherever you wan! Make sure that this necklace is going to be long and place all different types of figurines on it! It doesn`t need to be symmetrical! You can also have metal objects on it, even a bracelet! Use your imagination and certainly you`ll succeed in creating a nice retro necklace, which will suit you perfectly!

Another suggestion is to take a thick ribbon in whatever nuance you like! The next step is to take a piece of lace and place a bow on it, a bow made out of a different color of that on the first ribbon mentioned! Put the lace together with the bow on the first ribbon and you made yourself a vintage necklace!

Another method o creating your own vintage necklace is to find an old medallion, and you certainly have such a medallion, from your granny! It has different motifs on it: floral motifs, shapes and so on! Place this medallion on a nice string, maybe ties in a certain manner, just make sure that the string is really long and you`re ready to go!

Marbles, bows, flowers, medallions, or pearls, all these cope to create wonderful pieces of jewelry! Just remember, when you want this kind of necklace you must make it long or short, like a collar around the neck!

The style goes from an extreme to another: an extreme is when the necklace is really simple and has only one element, maybe a medallion, cases when it`s long and thin, when it`s short and thick or it goes to the other extreme when it has a multitude of elements that are placed in a certain manner and that are made from different materials or fabrics and create like a bazaar, but certainly this bazaar looks great on your neck!

So, if you don`t have the money to buy a nice vintage necklace you can always create it in your households with simple materials and the result will certainly be great! Make sure that you create the necklace with close attention and the “ingredients” you use are from the ones mentioned above! You can also find necklaces at wonderful prices if you don`t want to “involve” too much!