Plastic bracelets

If you`re more into the glam and retro naughty side and prefer wearing a plastic bracelet instead of kinky models of earrings and necklaces, then these lines will certainly make you feel great and ask for more such bracelets! It`s true plastic is in trend, you already know that, plastic is practical and in the same time if you lose such a bracelet you won`t think about the amount of money you gave on it, you`ll think that you`ve already seen a nicer model and it`s no problem, you`ll buy another one! It`s funny, but very true in the same time!

Ultra dimensional bracelets made out of plastic can be found every where and are suitable for any moment of the day, so if you didn`t have such a product in your wardrobe you certainly need to go and buy one! Here are some nice models of plastic bracelets, and if you have similar models with these that means you already know what`s next on the must have list!

This type of bracelet can be perfectly circular without an interrupting space, or with such a space in order to enlarge it if it doesn`t fit your hand! It can also have a square form or a shape, it depends how you like it better! There are numerous models on the market!

A big black and white bracelet in different models on it! This bracelet certainly fits every moment of the day and no matter what you`re wearing; so you can have different motifs, such as: some butterflies, some stripes, some hearts, some flowers and the examples can go on…. if these models don`t inspire you, maybe you want a matte bracelet, without models on it and you`re a happy person!

You can have a plastic bracelet also in smaller sizes and you can wear not only one such bracelet, you can combine multiple such accessories, as long as they have a similar model and only one color on it! You can become kitsch very easy if you apply for mixing bracelets that have multiple colors and them! For extra effect you can apply for metal colors for these bracelets and combine them! You`ll certainly look flashy!

Black and white aren`t the only variants for such bracelets! You can apply for any other colors you like, and any other models as long as they fit your outfit for that day!

As long as you wear plastic bracelets, make sure you don`t combine them with metallic, wood or glass material, because you create an inconvenient look! Mixing different material is a thing you should also do when it comes to wearing clothes! Less types of fabrics you mix, the better it is for you!

As you can see, you don`t need big amounts of money to look fashionable and glamorous in the same time, you need to have courage and wear these plastic bracelets with self confidence!