The wedding rings

The wedding rings are a symbol of love, fertility and fidelity. These jewelries are worn even from the latest times…. In those times the rings were made from plants, wood or hair. In our times, we don`t need to mention that for these rings are used precious metals, such as titanium, platinum, white gold and gold in its natural nuance. The wedding ring may have a precious stone on it, or it can be simple with dedicated carvings on it! The precious stones that can be used on the rings are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and even amber, although it isn`t a precious stone. It depends on the bride`s tastes and what she prefers the most.



The most common model of wedding rings is that of simple ones, made of gold. There also some couples that want to be unique, so they choose a special model for their wedding rings. Usually men tend not to wear jewelry, and the wedding ring may be the single asset they have on them, and for this reason it needs to be unique and nice decorated. Many rings for men are made of platinum because it is a resistant material, titan is also preferred by men, it is also resistant and weights less than other materials.

If you really want some unique wedding rings you may choose to carve them with words you often say to one and other, like “I love you!”, “my soul mate” or the name of your song, each others’ names and so on…. no matter what symbol you pick to put on your rings, they will certainly be special!



The wedding rings are worn usually on the left hand, but there are some traditions that don`t obey this rule in Russia, Norway, or Germany, where the ring is worn on the right hand!

Choosing the precious stone may be a difficult thing, and the color is also a problem. If you like diamonds, you surely know they are in different variants, like blue or pink. And sapphire, rubies can be also nice on the wedding rings. Go shopping and see how many variants there are in stores, with precious stones.



If you want a cheaper model, you can buy some silver rings, but those aren`t as special as gold is. No one tells you to have rings from a super expensive store, made of who knows what precious stone! But the idea with silver isn`t that good…. Gold looks elegant and refined, and you`ll keep those pieces of jewelry many, many years! So try to earn some money for your wedding rings and pick a nice pair!