Gold earrings

When it comes to earrings women just can’t get enough of these pieces of jewelry and if they’re made of gold it’s better…. In the lines to come we’re going to present to you some interesting models of such jewelries and they’re kind of expensive but they are like a feast to our eyes.

The first pair is of course made of gold and it denotes freshness and it is made with a double-detail hoop. This is a smart design because it permits you to arrange them in any manner you like, so you’ll look different when you’re wearing them all the time. These hoops have flat double bottoms and wire backs. They’re kind of big and it’s a great looking model…. We definitely like them.

Here’s another interesting model and it’s also made of gold. We’re speaking about a pair of teardrop earrings, which are made of 14 karat yellow gold, these have also a chain detail that opens the crescent drops, also these have wire backs and are kind of big; let’s admit it…. These are really big and are great if worn.

The next pair of earrings can be considered similar to the previous one. It’s also in the shape of a teardrop. It’s made of three such shaped tears designed in different tones: white, rose gold and yellow. These three different shapes that can be moved in different modes to form interesting shapes and also have hook backs….

Here are some other pieces of jewelry made of 14 karat yellow, rose and white gold. Each earring has a hanging hoop detail and with hook backs. So there are two components in each earring: a big circle and a small one over this one. The smaller circles have another small one in the interior and you can observe how various the colors are….

Another interesting model of pair of gold earrings is made of 18 karat yellow gold; this pair is composed of hammered ball drops and French wire backs. The balls aren’t perfectly polished. You can observe here and there little disparities and we can observe how interesting these are made….

Similar to the last pair is made of 24 karat yellow gold. These have the form of half-ball earrings and have hand-hammered detail with half ball drops and granulated hook pierced backs. You can see how this pair is exquisitely made and it’s not perfectly polished, it has tiny dots on it and the light can be reflected perfectly.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these pair of gold earrings in interesting shapes and forms and also in great looking models.