The Engagement Ring Test: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You


The modern day bride plays a much bigger part in choosing her perfect engagement ring. Whether she’s picked one out in advance (and there’s no shame in that) or she’s been invited to pick out her own after the proposal, choosing the perfect ring can be rather mindboggling. And before you shrivel up at the thought of broaching the subject with him, here’s a guide by Cosmopolitan on helping your man choose your ring.

With round cut, princess cut, marquise and pear cut, gold, silver or platinum, 3 stone or cluster, it’s going to be decisions decisions for any bride to be. If you just don’t know where to start, take our test below and see what your engagement ring style says about you.

Brilliant Cut

What a classic. This shape of diamond reflects the most light and the wearer of the simple but elegant round cut ring is seen as trustworthy, traditional and relaxed.

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are beautifully dramatic. They can be seen as over-the-top and suit a more extroverted personality – or someone who who’s a real creative.

Colored Stone Ring

Like to be a bit different? Or love to do things against the grain. The colored stone engagement ring wearer is no traditionalist and without a doubt, the wedding will be completely different to any other.

Princess Cut

This is a popular modern shape which boasts a gorgeous geometric look. And the wearer? Someone who’s fun-loving, into trends and looking after her appearance, and likely to be very decisive when it comes to her wedding.


Heart Cut Ring

Whoever wears a heart cut ring wears her feelings on her sleeve. This woman is a dreamer and a true romantic.

Pear Cut Diamond

If you love the reflective qualities of the brilliant round cut diamond, the pear cut is a great alternative. With the same reflective nature, it’s a pretty shape with a slightly more contemporary look. The wearer of a pear cut stone is said to be unconventional but very adaptable in nature.

Cushion Cut

A hugely popular shape, the cushion cut is romantic and effortless. This is perfect for the bride who loves the appeal of the princess cut but needs something slightly softer for her personality.

Emerald Cut

Ideal for the retro bride, this stunning shape is full of confidence. The emerald diamond is the most open to divulging the stone’s flaws. So the wearer of this diamond has to self-confident and assertive. Perfect for risk takers and people who need excitement in their lives.

If you’re still unsure about finding your perfect engagement ring, make sure you visit this fantastic diamond guide by George Tarratt Jewellers.