Classic bridal gowns

The wedding dress that you decide to wear in the wedding day speaks about you! The memorable wedding dresses tell stories without an end, happenings that transcend time and the period in which there were beloved and loving brides.

What kind of story does your wedding dress say? Surely, it’s an everlasting fairytale. The classic wedding dress is going to remain an evergreen item – it’s not going to fade away ever, it has simple and clear lines, it’s stylized, and perfect up to the tiniest detail!

classic bridal gowns

You’re going to look like a lady if you decide to wear a classic wedding dress….

The inspiration comes from Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly or even Audrey Hepburn. This type of bridal gown is going to be perfectly made, in straight lines, simple and the details are delicate.
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The chosen classic wedding dress is usually designed in A – style, the second choice being that of a ball gown. The longer it is and the ample the skirt gets, the more your dream is going to get a contour. If your heart stopped at a corset adorned with lace, pearls and glittery details in the lower side of the bridal gown make sure that you apply for a simple skirt made of taffeta or organza.

Also, make sure you pay attention to the accessories you choose to wear – a bracelet, a necklace at the basis of the neck and a pair of simple earrings made of pearls is enough to complete your outfit. A piece of advice that you have to take into account in case in the top of your list has remained the classic ball gown is to wear a bridal gown with crinoline.

Due to the fact that wedding dresses are not among the most comfortable clothes, the crinoline is the element which highlights the volume of the skirt, it’s better to be worn in the church in the short time in which you decide to receive the guests or during the first dance.

You can even renounce to the crinoline without encountering any difficulties if you have some layers of tulle that sustain the layer of taffeta which is above.

We’re sure that you got the idea and that you’re going to consider seriously wearing in the big day a simple wedding dress, a classic bridal gown, which is really elegant in the same time and with which there are few the probabilities to fail with! Indeed, you are not going to be as special as you wished with such a bridal gown on, but in the same time you will not be considered kitsch or without good taste – because there will be discussion after the wedding concerning the way in which you were dressed and you know this matter pretty well.