One shoulder bridal gown and different styles of lace

There are multiple types of bridal gowns that we’re sure you’re going to love wearing in the most important day of your life. Some models are going to be suitable and others might not be appropriate at all. The only thing that matters is for you to know this matter.
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We have decided to take into account several types of bridal gowns that are popular in our days and we hope that they’re going to seem great for taking into account.

The one shoulder sleeve bridal gowns have gained popularity in the year that has just passed and they’re not an option to omit during this year as well. They are really great to take into consideration with the straight option or the ones designed in mermaid style. After seeing these on all the catwalks we can be sure that it’s not a trend that is going to fade away so soon.

one shoulder bridal gown and different styles of laceCredit
One shoulder bridal gown and different styles of lace

This type of bridal gowns are going to emphasize your neck pretty much, the arms and the shoulders, so this means that you have to tone them before making the pick of such a bridal gown. In addition, the tall brides with long neck are the most advantaged of the rich ornaments on the shoulders.

The novelty of the year 2011 is the fact that the strap of the one shoulder bridal gown is adorned with flower applications, ruffles; crystals that tend to become more and more romantic. For such elaborate details, it’s recommended you adopt the bridal hairstyle with a pony tail in the back or even an updo – make sure that the locks are fixed and well placed. Generally, you wouldn’t need to place too many bridal jewelry, because the bridal gown is special through itself. If you really want to wear something, then we recommend a bracelet, a tiara or even a pair of earrings – these are going to be more than enough. If you are thinking of wearing something on your neck, then pick a necklace that is in tone with the rest of the decorations of the bridal gown or a discrete necklace.

one shoulder bridal gown and different styles of laceCredit
One shoulder bridal gown and different styles of lace

Another option is to adopt a look in the church and another one at the wedding reception, because in most of the cases the strap can be detachable and once you’ve let it out you can easily wear oversized and extravagant jewelry.

From a particular type of bridal gown, we’ve decided that it would be a great idea to take into account a type of fabric that is all about your feminine side and emphasize it totally. We’re speaking about lace of course, and it’s the kind of fabric that denotes innocence, grace, noblesse and refinement.

This particular type will bring a special air to your entire outfit and you must know that if in the past time, this fabric used to denote the social status of the bride through its use, in our days, applying for lace doesn’t show a particular status in the society, it indicates the personal taste of the bride.

There are multiple types of lace that are used in making the bridal gowns and you definitely have to know about these.

For instance, the Duchesse lace is named after the wife of Leopold the II, it’s the kind of lace that has irregular spaces with a floral design that involves lots of details.

The Chantilly lace is the most common of them all and the models are represented by natural flowers and ribbons placed on the simple background. This type has become in the 18th century the most known for making black lace.

one shoulder bridal gown and different styles of laceCredit
One shoulder bridal gown and different styles of lace

There’s also the Alencon lace that is also named the queen of lace, due to its beauty and that it’s lightweight and easy, but in the same time it’s really resistant. With a floral model on the transparent background, this permits engraving with big quantities of stones and crystals.

The Venice lace is a type of lace that is not that lightweight, it’s knit with the pin in floral model, geometrical models or leaves.

The Schiffli lace is featherweight, with a model of delicate ornaments on the entire surface of the fabric.

The Guipure lace is the type of lace with large spaces, of which knit is based on a system of wires.

Now imagine whether or not you would love to apply for a bridal gown on one shoulder and designed of lace! This is something that would sound tempting, don’t you think so?