Evening gowns for the wedding reception

The wedding dresses can’t definitely be worn all day long during the religious ceremony or the wedding reception…. You know very well that you have to change your dress in some moment of the reception and this means that you have to buy an evening gown. This won’t seem a problem at all, because it seems that we’ve got here all the right examples and that you’re going to eventually apply for some of these in such a manner that you end up with the right solution.

So, there’s this first dress that we want to mention about and it’s of course an evening gown realized in a very gorgeous manner…. There’s this short dress that we want to start with, it’s short up to the knees, it has a straight neckline and halter straps, which seem to complete the imagery. Let’s also add that the skirt is ruffled and entirely this dress has the look of retro dresses and its color is really interesting and good looking in the same time- it has a bright pink tone….

evening gowns for the wedding reception

The next gorgeous evening gown that we want to suggest to you is going to seem an interesting example to apply for and it has only gorgeous details about it. So, we’re speaking about a sleeveless evening gown that can be worn without any problems in the big day. There’s the sweetheart neckline that you have to know about, the waist line that is very well delimited with the help of a piece of fabric and the skirt with gorgeous tiered details here and there. We have to add that the skirt has tulip shape and all these elements seem to create an interesting combination together.

evening gowns for the wedding reception 2

The next example of evening gown that we want you to take into account relates to one short dress that has a grey tone.

evening gowns for the wedding reception 3

This one is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart neckline, also the skirt is composed of multiple layers of fabric and in one side you can observe the flower detail that is composed of pieces of grey fabric together with purple areas here and there. This dress is short down to the knees and all the details involving it are really interesting and you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a gorgeous piece that is going to be ideal to be worn in your big day!
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We promise to continue with presenting some other examples of evening gowns that can be worn at the wedding reception after you “get rid” of the wedding gown. Let’s add that all the examples added here were taken directly from the Jim Hjelm collection and that you’re going to love it pretty much.