Models of bridal gowns and traditions

If you haven’t made up your mind yet on what kind of model you would love to wear in the bridal day and there’s still time left, then you’re going to love taking into account our suggestions.

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So, if you did not take a decision up to this moment, we think that you should take into account the princess type bridal gown, because it suits all kinds of body types, it’s a model through which you are not going to fail and it offers you a really elegant air in the same time.

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Bridal gown

In other words, this classic model of bridal gown that can be encountered every year among brides, can be seen in different formats and shapes on the international catwalks and in addition, it advantages the majority of the bodies – as we have mentioned previously and it can be adapted to all tastes.

The main characteristics of the princess bridal gowns are the fact that they have an ample skirt and the corset, which confer the feminine shape of the silhouette, no matter what body type you have. Through associating different types of fabric, from organza, to silk, taffeta and tulle, the bridal gown designed in princess style represents the classic permanently reinvented. The delicacy specific to a princess is denoted through the accessories and applications that can be observed on the surface of the bridal gown. When we say details, we refer to ruffles, flowers, pearls and of course crystals for a royal type of glitter and shine.

We would like to offer you some indications that are going to turn out to be really useful in the case in which you don’t know whether or not you want to apply for a bridal gown designed accordingly to the princess models. Here are some pieces of advice that will seem a good starting point for you!

So, if you pick a bridal gown designed with crinoline, make sure you pay attention to its length: the bridal gown is too short when you are going to stand still and your bridal shoes will be noticed. Also, there’s the case in which the skirt is too long and you can stumble on it. It can be unaesthetic for the circles of the crinoline to be noticed in the fabric of the dress.

If you’re a short person, it’s preferable to make the pick of a princess bridal gown without a crinoline and opt for a crinoline with one circle.

Due to the fact that the inferior part of the bridal gown doesn’t permit you to be observed too much, then you can opt clearly for a sexy cleavage and emphasize your bust.

From a type of bridal gown that is suitable for all kinds of bodies and silhouettes due to the fact that these confer you the feminine air, we would like to jump directly at the level of wedding dresses that are made in A line, of asymmetrical cuts and lines. A bell shape bridal gown or A line wedding dress is ideal for ladies who have emphasized hips.

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Bridal gown

The bust should not be hard to emphasize at all, because the main idea is to apply for a bridal gown that is made with a rough corset with sponges that ought to make the breasts look even bigger.

The bridal gowns designed in mermaid style are ideal for the ladies who want to get out of patterns and shine in the greatest day of their lives. The subtleness of the fabric is what offers them a touch of romanticism and elegance. Pick the model that is suitable as you wish: a bride who is sexy and shines from head to toes.

To all of these, we add the traditional details that you have to wear in the bridal day: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

The something old detail means the change in the status from single to married and in general such an element can be represented by a piece of jewelry that stays in the family.

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Bridal gown

If we’re speaking about something new, then this is an element that brings good luck and success to the bride in her new life and it is totally the bridal gown that she wears on.

Something blue? Well, this custom has its roots way back in history in the Roman civilization, because blue was symbol of love, modesty and fidelity.

The last detail that we want to add about is the something borrowed element, which is usually taken from a friend or a member of the family that has a happy marriage.