Evening gowns

Of course, you’re not going to be able to wear the wedding gown all day long and even during the wedding reception party- this is where we intervene and offer to you some suggestions that are going to seem great to be taken into account and we’re sure that you’re not going to regret applying for.

So, we would like to share with you some interesting and good looking evening gowns that are taken from the Carolina Herrera collection. This collection is all about femininity and using your imagination as much as possible, not forgetting in the same time that you have to take into account that the woman’s body features have to be highlighted.

There’s this first evening gown that we want to mention about and we’re sure you’re going to love pretty much. This one is made in multiple colors on a white background and it has only interesting details about it. So, it’s a sleeveless model that has a sweetheart neckline, which we’re sure you’re not going to regret wearing.

evening gowns

There are all these flower embroidery details on the surface of the evening gown, which we’re sure that are going to seem as looking really interesting looking. On the surface of this dress you can see numerous tiered details that create voluminous effects and really interesting looking in the same time. There’s a bow detail in one side of the dress and all of these elements compose a really interesting model that is worth applying for.
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The next model of evening gown that we want to share with you is made in a very interesting manner; it has short and ruffled sleeves and a round neckline that highlights just how gorgeous your breasts are. Let’s also mention about the long skirt which is made of multiple ruffles and it creates a really interesting visual effect in combination with the other details. There’s also the fact that this dress is made from multiple colors and it has nice looking patterns on- all of these indicate the fact that you can apply for a really interesting evening gown that can be worn at the wedding reception.

evening gowns 2

The other model of evening gown that we want to mention about and the last one up to this moment is this one and it’s conceived in an interesting manner as well.

evening gowns 3

So, it has a nice combination of colors and fabrics…. Also, it’s made in orange and beige tones and multiple layers of fabric with all kinds of patterns on. The waist line is highlighted gorgeously with the help of a lace detail or a string and it ends tied up in a bow….