Chair arrangements

It just came into our heads that we didn’t mention too much about arrangements for the chairs. Bad for us! Because we had been hiding some interesting models from you and it’s time to release them! We’re only kidding now you know, because it’s good to brag once in a while…. So we have some great ideas for you that you may like to take into consideration.

Chair arrangements

The first thing we like to present to you is ideal for a wedding that takes place in summer time…. Over chair covers that are most likely to be white under the hot beams of the sun you’d like to have a fresh flower applied on the back of the chair! You can stick it with some glue there or with the help of a thin string and that’s it! Make sure that you pick the flower in contrasting color with the fresh green of the branches and leaves!
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The next idea we like to present to you is rather simple, but it’s still elegant and nice in the same time. Take a nice piece of material and make sure that it’s transparent, wrap it around the back of the chair and end it with a big, big bow. As we mentioned before, it’s simple, but it creates a nice view if it’s done identically to all the chairs.

Chair arrangements2

The next suggestion regards nice wooden chairs without covers on them and on the back of each chair you may place a nice rose bouquet together with leaves and ribbons. Make sure that the rose bouquet is rich in flowers and in contrasting colors.

Another suggestion is similar to the one we presented last time, meaning to leave a chair uncovered and to tie a nice transparent bow on the back of the chair! The simplicity of this detail is what makes this arrangement so great. You can also apply a flower on the borders of the ribbon and that’s all!

Chair arrangements3

Speaking about flowers and bows, the next model of arrangement has these two elements, but placed in different manners. And what do we mean? We refer to a white chair cover that has on the margins some lace details. On the back side of the chair there’s a bow made from the same material and in the middle of the bow you can place two nicely colored roses, you can combine two different colors or similar ones. It doesn’t matter, it only matters you apply for this detail.

The last suggestion up to now refers to a blue piece of fabric, shiny and transparent in the same time that’s wrapped around the chair’s back and it’s tied up with a daisy bud. The perfect daisy has to be definitely in white nuance, because it goes really great together with the blue fabric.

Chair arrangements4

When you decide on what arrangements you apply on the chairs, make sure that they match perfectly with your theme and from a chromatic point of view also….