5 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Wedding in 2019

The wedding trends of 2019 have already begun emerging and they’re all about embracing charm and grace in small ways that have big effects.

Brides and wedding planners are both using classic trends while also finding ways to turn tradition on its head to give weddings a uniquely elegant aura. By focusing on the details and knowing when to go against the grain or adopt tried-and-true methods, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of true luxury.

If you, too, want to have an elegant, luxe wedding, well, here are five ways to make it happen.

Embrace textures and patterns

Rustic wood textures are all over Pinterest, but the brides of 2019 are realizing there are more options than that!

All of us know the importance of selecting a color scheme, but using unique textures and patterns will make your party stand out, too. You can also get creative with just where those new textures show up in your ceremony and reception.

Whether it’s shining gold piping on sleek white velvet for the chairs, a charming seersucker tablecloth, or even a dramatic, colorful brocade on your wedding train, there are no rules saying you’re stuck with just lace and satin. Part of luxury comes from novelty and unusualness – and that’s something you can achieve through the touch and feel of a new texture.

Arrive in a limo

Often, brides are so focused on the actual ceremony and reception that they neglect to plan the surrounding logistics – like how they’re going to make an entrance. But that moment when you step into the ceremony is important. Thankfully, limousines – AKA the peak of class – are coming back around for 2019.

A Houston limo service will deliver you to the ceremony safely, on time, and with a touch of red carpet flair. Just imagine arriving at the venue, stepping out to your sea of guests, as the star of the party enters the scene. It’s a way to add opulence through ways beyond picking the right colors or flowers.

Get big with decorations

A wrought-iron gate with delicate flowers interwoven in its bars. Floor-to-ceiling ivy and blooms raining from the rafters. Lace or crochet hangings framing the walkway. A ribbon canopy over the reception.

This year, think about decorating the room as a whole, instead of just confining your imagination to what will fit on table centerpieces and the altar. You don’t have to have floral arrangements as bombastic as something designed by floral designer Preston Bailey, but at least think about the entire room as your canvas.

Order a handmade dress

One of the most exciting upcoming trends is springing for a handcrafted dress.

Celebs often hire big-name fashion designers for their jewel-encrusted gowns, but there are plenty of smaller designers out there who can make you a dress that 1) fits like a glove and 2) matches your style better than anything off-the-rack.

Dressmakers can make custom lace, beading, and embroidery to ensure your dress is one of a kind. They’ll take your precise measurements and pick a cut and style that perfectly flatters your body shape.

The detail dressmakers put into each custom dress is small, but they add up to create a sense of luxury that a pre-made dress could never attain. Handmade dresses are beautiful and unique – just like you and the rest of your wedding!

Play with lighting

A big trend in past years was colored lighting at the reception, with the happy couple drenching the room in a solid blues or purples. Also popular are the fairy lights at dusk weddings, dotting the sky above guests by way of paper lanterns or tiny string lights.

To take things up a notch, though, think dramatically. High contrast lighting is a great way to make things look elegant. For example, a statement chandelier glittering above the altar or a westward facing window streaming in sunlight as you say your vows.

If you like the look of small lights, but afraid they aren’t enough, you can make lighting pop more by placing it on darkly colored backdrops. Even a small candle will stand out well on a navy tablecloth. If you’re worried about visibility, you can bolster the room lighting with hidden-sourced ambient lighting placed strategically on the side walls or near the floors.

(P.S. Whatever you do, make sure you and the groom are well-lit for the main ceremony!)