6 Unique and Personalised Wedding Favors

Along with the arrival of Pinterest, in recent years, wedding favors have upped their game. Modern wedding favors are all about having a little fun, getting creative, and bringing a personal touch to your big day.If you want to thank your guests while adding an extra flourish to your tables, consider these personalised wedding favour ideas.Tempting Treats

Why not give your guests something they can really enjoy, like an iced cookie, chocolate bar, individual donut, or a mini jar of sweets? Pinterest is full of food favour inspiration! Simply ice or print the names of your guests onto individual treats to create a delicious personalised favour. Even better, these treats can double up as place settings, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Growing Gifts

Ask your guests to ‘let love grow’ with this cheap and simple wedding favors. Make your own bags and fill with seeds from your favourite flower, gift plants in quirky labelled pots, or add flavor to their lives with herbs. Cute and environmentally friendly!

Lovely Liquor

For your adult guests, you could consider alcoholic favors. This is easier than you think, as companies like Just Miniatures Limited specialise in personalised alcohol wedding favors, complete with your wedding dates. Or, if you prefer a bit of DIY, you could create your own ‘drunk’ hot chocolate kit, cocktail jars, or even brew your own beer.

Tiny Tissues

It’s a known fact that people often cry at weddings, so give your guests a useful favor. For this to work, you will need to place on the chairs at your ceremony, rather than on your reception tables. Opt for a small personalised pack of tissues, or an embroidered cotton handkerchief, for a favor that will come in handy!

Cute Candles

Want your favors to add to your table decor? Candles are the perfect way to go! Choose your signature wedding scent, buy your candles and attach personalised stickers to glass holders or wrap in individual bow-tied bags. The perfect gift for your guests to treasure, with a scent that will bring back memories.

Shaped Sparklers

Sparklers have become a popular wedding item, especially as they make for gorgeous wedding photos! If you plan to include them in your day, make them a little different. Choose an unusual shape that reflects your day, from love hearts and stars, to Christmas trees and bright colored varieties. Simply add a personalised wedding tag and they’re ready to go.