Five Budget Tips for Your Wedding

Weddings are definitely one of the most memorable and life-changing occasions in a person’s life. But just because your wedding is a special milestone, it doesn’t automatically mean it should be expensive. From choosing affordable wedding rings to creative DIY decor, there are plenty of ways for you to save money on your wedding day. Here are some tips to help you stay within budget on your big day.

Design Your Own Invitations

Instead of hiring a print shop to design and print out your wedding invitations, save money by creating your own. There are many websites that feature free stock photos and design application tools that you can use to create your own elegant and virtually free wedding invitation.

Once you are done making your personalized design, you can choose to either print it on specialty paper or save more by simply sending a digital invitation to the recipient’s email address or social media account.

Request for Help Instead of Gifts

Gifts don’t just come in material form. That said, instead of asking loved ones and friends to give you gift items, how about you encourage them to help you with various aspects of the wedding? For example, if you have musically gifted friends, you can request them to perform songs at the reception.

Your artistic friends can help you with the decorations and setting up the venue. Include this special request in the invitation so you’ll know how who are available to help ahead of time. These acts of service are more meaningful and priceless than any store-bought gift is.

Pick an Unconventional Venue

Popular venues in the city are usually expensive, and they can be hard to book. On the other hand, if you hold the ceremony in a location out of town, then you may need to factor in the possibility of hiring transportation services for your guests.

To save money on the venue, a good option is renting an entire vacation house. Some houses feature additional facilities like a spacious garden or courtyard where you can hold the ceremony. Your entourage can also stay in the rooms, so you save money on accommodations and transportation.

Minimize the Use of Floral Decorations

Flowers are pretty, but they can cost a lot, and they die shortly after the event. Instead of spending a lot of money on complex floral arrangements, opt to simplify. For example, instead of bouquets for the bridesmaids, let them carry a single flower or a bouquet made up of one kind of bloom.

If the bouquet is simple enough, you can do it yourself so you’ll save money from having to hire a florist to do the arrangement. Also, make sure to order flowers that are in season or locally available. Exotic flowers cost more and can be hard to acquire.

Get Creative with Your Giveaways

Giving unique groomsmen gifts or giveaways to bridesmaids may be customary, but these tokens don’t have to be expensive. Instead of purchasing generic store-bought presents, why not give them a more meaningful souvenir that you made yourself? Some gift ideas include a framed photo of you, the newlyweds, and their group of friends with a heartfelt message or keychains personalized with their name.

Don’t let your wedding expenses stress you out. Keep in mind that it’s the people and the memories that make this occasion extra special after all.