Sexy Wedding Gowns with Daringly Low Backs

Be bold and  don’t be afraid to show off your sexier style on your wedding day. With these daringly low backs, you’ll have a wedding dress that is sure to turn heads.


Sweet and whimsical with a certain flowing essence down the aisle, take a look at the plunge in the back.

a772a243b8fb4b8d6248cb473b16834eSometimes just a bit of skin is all you need to make the sexy statement you want, and this dress does just that.

06effe357808b40a4cdaf69433ab5123The details of this gown go even farther than the small of your back, it’s both daring and elegant.

6f6b39971677f4bf948655b6feda6b41There’s nothing about this gown that doesn’t make a statement, the absence of a back is just the icing on the cake.

8eabafcbb2ca1b8c4baf7a4dc175e654Pearls could be a way to keep things tradition while spicing up the ceremony space.

67a7a436e4f9ad276a3774f19d1729b1This keyhole accent will shape your shoulders and show off some of your beautiful, flawless skin.

144a4a23441da5ce2f94be4d8739f813Whimsical, lace-covered gowns can cover you from head to toe while adding a sensual element too.

5024c9dd2698a5f182339d8b0a7d1b2dLow backs aren’t made for sheath dresses only, they work well with ball gowns as well.

d8fcc07e54ab3e75db66681c6b4f3d13An illusion neckline and illusion sleeves mix well with a keyhole back.

d27199283777bd8e280dc7cb26bfff56The intricate details and artistry surrounding the back of this gown are breathtaking.

e641ea735d9f1cef1650504581dfb036Feel like a princess, gone rogue and mysterious, in a gown like this.

f59d9b8f7ae64d66bc76f0b5a0d2f47fHere’s a gown that mixes so many quintessential elements of a classic bride while still holding strong to personal roots.

photos via Pinterest