How to Get My Wedding Published

So how do you get the kind of wedding that gets published in magazines and on blogs?? While it is hard to know what editors are looking for all the time I am going to give you some tips to help your chances of seeing your wedding featured.

1) Choose a photographer who submits every wedding to blogs or magazines.   If you choose a photographer who invests time in getting published your chances will be significantly increased.

2) Details!  Magazine and Blogs are looking for details so put some extra thought and planning in your details.  Choose not only a color scheme but a theme as well and have fun with your details.

3) Schedule enough time for photos.  Give your photographer enough time to get those WOW photos that magazines want to see.  If you are having a morning or early afternoon wedding schedule time to go outside during your reception for yummy sunset pictures.


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  1. Writing By Terri

    As someone who has profiled several weddings for bridal magazines, I must say that many of these points are true. HOwever, there are also some other things brides can do. For example, besides working with a photographer who submit publications, you should also try working with wedding planners who are well connected. Or book your weddings in venues that are a talked about a lot. I would also suggest doing something unique and different.

    Writers and editors are inundated with hundreds of wedding submissions on a daily basis. Make sure you include something that is out of the ordinary to stand out from the rest of the pack. And get lots of pictures of whatever that unique things is.

    Brides can also do their own research. There are many blogs online that look for bride submissions for the real weddings. Lastly, I suggest subscribing to the email list by Help a Reporter Out (HARO) . Sometimes editors and writers send out an email blast through HARO when they are in need of wedding ideas, bride submissions etc. By subscribing to the list you will know exactly what they want and when they want it. Subscribing to that list is also a good way to get published in other non-bridal magazines as well.

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