Inviting the girls to be bridesmaids 3

Depending on the number of bridesmaids that you decide to have you can make the invitations in several manners. You can simply make the invitations to the entire group of girlfriends or if one is more important to you then you can mention it to her separately.

If you simply can’t meet with that friend of yours personally then you can apply for sending an invitation, some balloons, candy or some other petite gestures and details. Tell her the most sincere words you could ever think of and you’re going to end up winning a great person as a bridesmaid.

There are some cases in which the future bridesmaid refuses to attend your wedding and this is because she has a good reason for doing it: she may have a problem or something like that and you should discuss this matter and expose just how important it was for you for that person to participate.

inviting the girls to be bridesmaids 3

So, let’s see what you can do in case the person that you invite to be your bridesmaid refuses to accept your invitation. What should be done in this case? Well, in case this happens you tell that person just how important her presence is and the fact that she will be seen as an important center of attention.
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Another thing that will convince someone to come at your wedding as a bridesmaid is to tell her just how gorgeous she is going to look in that particular dress and how sexy she is.

Also, you may ask her help for the bachelorette party and you may say just how important she is when it comes to creative skills and organizing parties.

Some of the bridesmaids are scared by the idea of being somewhere in the second plan, although this is their main function. There are some people whom can’t get used with the idea of being somewhere in the shadow and you have to explain them that you don’t want a wedding in which you’re going to exaggerate: you’re going to remain calm and you’re going to be as normal as the other persons participating at the wedding.

If she feels nervous concerning this idea of being a bridesmaid then you can start with flattering her and share your ideas of how effective she can be as a bridesmaid and how great this function fits her.

You can also use your charm and play with her feelings: begin pouring some tears and tell her just how important it is for you that she takes part of your wedding.