Red dress for the maid of honor

We promised today to return with some nice models of dresses in other colors! So here we are, hoping not to disappoint you! We give you all the examples possible that come into our heads and hope that you find matching ones with your tastes and personality! Today we’re going to talk about red dresses! Yes, spicy red dresses for the maids of honor!

red dress for the maid of honor

Here we start with a nice model, which can be applied by those that feel courageous! It’s a dark orange or light red dress with a sweetheart neckline, it’s short and it has an ultra dimensional bow on the front side, more exactly in the waist area! The skirt is straight and in the back, the dress can be opened or closed with a zipper.
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This dress is made of silk and it is quite an interesting model. It can be worn with a pair of high heeled sandals in golden nuance and when it comes to the hair, we suggest a funky loop or a messy pin up! These two hairdos go really great with this model of dress.

We continue with another nice model of red dress! This dress has a V neckline, it’s without sleeves, and it in the front it has a ruffled detail! It has also a banded high waist and a straight skirt as the dress presented above. The back is also in V line and it ties with the help of a zipper. As the model presented above it is made of silk.

With this dress seems perfectly to wear a pair of high heeled sandals in black and when it comes to the hair, you should leave it untied and straight or you can apply for some natural curls.

The next model of red dress is represented by one with a sweetheart neckline and it has a keyhole detail and the bust is has fine lines. The shoulder straps are made of thick details with red and purple colors. The dress ends in the back with a zipper and a round cleavage, also it stops near the knee area and the skirt is really straight and fixed on the body. This model can be worn with a pair of elegant high heeled sandals with simple details!

red dress for the maid of honor2

When it comes to the hair, we recommend a simple hairdo, with straight hair, left unpinned! This dress is made of satin and it simply looks gorgeous on a body with nice shapes.

The last model we want to talk about is a dress that has one shoulder neckline and with ruffled details on that side of the shoulder. The rest of the dress has some ruffled areas near the bust and the waist line! It seems like pinned in one side of the waist. The dress is made of silk and it looks really shiny! We recommend it to be worn with a pair of high heel sandals in silvery nuance.

No matter on what color you decide for your wedding dress, you can adopt these models too! Take the cuts and different models and apply them to your dress. If you can’t decide on a particular model the bride will surely have an important word in your final decision.