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How to Vary Dress Styles the Right Way

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You need only visit a bridal website to see the hottest trends in weddings. These days, you’ll see bridesmaids are wearing a variety of styles. The tradition of having all of the bridesmaids wearing the same dress has faded away to a large degree. The new trend allows the bride to choose her colors to showcase her uniqueness; while and her bridesmaids can choose a dress that suits them. This brings excitement and personality to the wedding. But, there is more to varying styles that meet the eye. To ensure the right mix of styles in your bridesmaids’ dresses, there has to be some coordination and direction. Without it, you could have an inharmonious wedding that is anything but the day you planned for.

Colors, shades, fabrics

The first thing to decide is the color your bridesmaids will wear. Different shades of the same color could be stunning. For example, a very popular choice sold by Azazie is the coral bridesmaid dress. Coral combines well with warm or deep colors. It is a classic outdoor color which reminds you of the hues found inside a conch shell. It is perfect for three seasons per year. So if a bride chose coral bridesmaids dresses, she could easily have her party visit the Azazie site and make their selection. As long as they buy the same type of fabric, they can vary on the shades and style without issue.

Mingle tops

Another popular concept is having the bridesmaids wear matching separates (such as matching skirts) and allowing them to mismatch the tops to make their own ensemble. This is a striking wow factor. While one maid may wear a lace top, another may wear an off-shoulder summer top. The experts at Azazie can assist them in finding the right pieces to mingle.

Shoes and accessories

This is part of the fun of the varied look. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own shoes and jewelry integrates their personalities to your look. Make some basic choices. You may want everyone to wear stud earrings. You may want everyone to wear their hair up or down. Give them basic instructions, then let them do their magic. The result will be a unique and fun day in a beautiful and unusual wedding.

Other basics

You may need to decide if you should require everyone to wear a floor-length, tea-length, or above the knee dress. Some uniformity is required. Consider your venue. If you are getting married in a church, you may feel it inappropriate for anyone to wear strapless or backless dresses. It is a good idea to lay down a few rules, so your wedding stays within the style you desire. You also will need to decide if the bridesmaids will carry uniform flowers or if each will have their own arrangement. Some brides use the same flowers in different shades.

If you put the ground work in, you can vary your bridesmaid’s dresses and have the elegant wedding of your dreams.

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