Different wedding cake options

The wedding cake area seems a very important field to us and the most effective manner of ending up with the dream wedding cake that you’ve never seen before in any other wedding is to browse for as many examples of such sweet pieces. There are various models of wedding cakes that you can apply for: from the classical multilayered wedding cake with round “floors” to one that is made only of squares or a really modern option for wedding cakes, which consists of cupcakes only.
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We thought it would be a great idea to share with you some interesting wedding cakes ideas, which we think are going to seem good starting points.

A black and white wedding cake goes nicely in a minimalist wedding. Such a wedding cake can be made of white and black chocolate, but it can be might as well be made of other ingredients, which can be adapted to this black and white pair.

different wedding cake options
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Different wedding cake options

For those that are into cheesecakes, why not take into account a cheesecake wedding cake? Believe it or not, but you can end up with some really great looking sweet pieces, which don’t look as if they’re made of cheese. You can apply for a wedding cake that is made of a layer on top of the other and each layer consists of an individual cheesecake.

The latest wedding cake idea that we’ve seen to be very popular in the last days is this one that is made of cupcakes and only of such sweet and small pieces. It’s indeed a modern way of making the wedding cake and we consider it t o be cheaper: there’s the option that can be made of brownies all around or this one with a cupcake wedding cake. You decide whether you want your wedding cake to be colored or not.

The square or round wedding cake can be done with the help of whatever ingredients you like: you can make it with cream or chocolate or whatever ingredients you like.

The castle wedding cakes are good options for a fairytale theme wedding. Of course, you can apply for such a wedding cake even if you didn’t apply for the theme that was mentioned about previously.

Besides the examples mentioned up to this moment you can even adapt the wedding cake to the culture from which you’re part of: for instance, you can apply for a Hawaiian wedding cake or even a Mexican wedding cake. And what we forgot to mention about: the colored wedding cakes – you can make these accordingly to your happy personality and emphasize your childish and happy side.

The wedding cake is an essential element in your wedding reception, as we emphasized through the symbols that it has.