Fashionable wedding cakes

Even if you are not able to observe wedding cakes walking on a catwalk like in the case of bridal gowns, they also follow some trends, you know?! And if you are a convinced fashionista, then you would want that your wedding cake is in the same tone as the trends. Here are some ideas that should transform your wedding cake in one that is ripped from the magazine pages.

Mixed shapes in wedding cakes

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Say goodbye to the classic round or square wedding cake. For a really modern look, the shapes are the ones that really matter. If you want an avant – garde and daring look then choose to place different shapes one on top of the other. And if you feel tied to the classic wedding cake, then maintain round layers, but add an inferior layer in a petal shape.

fashionable wedding cakesCredit
Fashionable wedding cake

Lots of textures in wedding cakes

The fashion designers experiment with all kinds of materials that they combine in different creative manner. In the same manner you can proceed with your wedding cake. Work at the glaze, in unique shapes, like the motifs on your wedding invitations or the lace on the bridal gown. For an elegant wedding cake, the tone on tone creations are the most appropriate and white seems to be the ideal tone. This idea is one of the increasing tones, being simple in the same time and conferring effect.

The creative figurines and miniatures on the wedding cake

The classic figurines that imitate the groom and the bride, which you place on the top side of the wedding cake, are not the appropriate pick for some time now – they are out of fashion. Dare to personalize as much as you can these figurines, which are appropriate with your personality. The wedding jewelry is really popular as well, the chocolate monograms or the vintage figurines. If you want something nonconformist, then pick the bride and the groom to be placed in a special situation, like for example, to be on bicycles.

A wedding cake with calligraphy or writings on

The calligraphic handwriting isn’t fashionable only for the wedding invitations. The grand confectioners succeed in creating successful designs, which recall of the most elegant wedding invitations. The key for a successful wedding cake with calligraphy isn’t the color, because it looks better in light tones and with a little bit of contrast. For example, you can pick that the wedding cake to be covered with a blue glaze, and the handwriting should be in white or ivory and covered with brown handwriting.

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Fashionable wedding cake

Think of the royal wedding cake

If you want to be special indeed, then you should do in the same manner as the princess and the prince in their wedding. So, think of it in this way: do you have some particular symbols that characterize you or do you want to reflect some things in the wedding reception room on the wedding cake?

Well, this ought to be really simple: take into account both of these details, apply for only one or for both of them and you’ll see that it is going to seem indeed interesting. This ought to make the difference between your wedding cake and others, don’t you think so?

Fruits on the wedding cake

The trends in placing fruits on the wedding cake are still in trend and for some couples this can seem a good idea, for some it may sound out of fashion. The wedding cake should reflect the way in which you feel and in which you are and we sincerely think that you should apply for what pick seems to be the greatest for you.

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Fashionable wedding cake

The colored wedding cake

We have been mentioned in several times before that colored wedding cakes are in trend and especially if they’re made in faded tones. Let us also add that some flower details won’t ruin the cake, but on the contrary. Of course, there are the other details that definitely make the difference and are really popular in our days, such as butterflies, dots, stripes, lines and so on….

If you have realized your entire wedding in black and white, a colored wedding cake ought to “smash” this dull effect created by the tones picked, but in the same time if you do not want to dare too much, then we do not see any reason why you should not make the wedding cake in black and white and add make a third tone as to create an interesting visual effect.