Simple Wedding Cakes Ideas

For many couples of these days the ‘less is more’ concept is a fashion statement that needs to be followed accurately throughout every aspect of their lives, wedding included, and this is one of the main reasons many decide to have simple wedding cakes to top their D-day party.

But only because it is simple it does not mean it cannot impress. On the contrary, simplicity has always been associated with elegance and fashion sense, let alone that it never gets out of date as it always manages to re-invent itself. Let us consider some simple, yet beautiful wedding cakes examples.

Single Tiered Cakes


They are small but very chic, at the same time. Mostly conceived for intimate weddings with only the closest of friends, single tiered cakes have plenty of admirers. Since they are small, the adorning elements have to be little, although they must not lack. Delicate flower icings or topping straps are enough to trigger the attention of your guests.

Single Tiered CakeCredit
Single Tiered Cake

Black and White Cakes


Black and white is an already classic combination that is still preferred by many. With a very large range of designs options, these cakes are guaranteed to make all your guests applause. However, you ought to be careful and choose a type of decoration that suits your wedding theme.

Do not venture into ordering a very intricate design as this will not match your simple style in the least. On the other hand, having a cake without any detail whatsoever will only make it plain and boring. Try to find the perfect balance and your refinement will be appreciated. Again, motifs such as flowers or bows are most indicated.

Black and White CakeCredit
Black and White Cake

Chocolate Wedding Cakes


You know you can never go wrong with chocolate, so if you want to take the safe way towards a successful wedding dessert, order a chocolate cake. It is useless effort to try to adorn a cake of the kind when it is so beautiful simple, but if you do, make sure you choose the most stylish way without overcrowding the sweet piece. Consider the idea presented in the picture below; hopefully it will inspire you to come up with something similar for your own cake.

Chocolate Wedding CakeCredit
Chocolate Wedding Cake

All in all, your simple wedding cake will be a sure hit if you know how to balance the design of the icing and the finishing touches. Do not forget about the filling, though, as the taste is just as important as the aspect.