Wedding cakes in time

We can’t conceive a wedding without a wedding cake! Nowadays, the wedding cake is considered to be an essential thing when it comes to a wedding ceremony. In most, of the cases the wedding cake is being served during the wedding reception and you’re going to see it be made of multiple layers – also, it’s not simple at all, it’s made with icing and different decorations. It depends on your personal taste, what you want the wedding cake to be – the great thing is that it can be made in no matter what manner you wish, you have the advantage of nowadays’ confectioneries.
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We’re sure that you don’t have a hunch in what concerns this important part of the wedding. The tradition of the wedding cake began back in the Roman Empire and it consisted of a piece of bread that the groom broke over the bride’s head, like a symbol of dominance that he had in the new formed marriage. Like the case of the wedding veil, the wedding cake was usually done in white to symbolize purity and innocence.

wedding cakes in time
Wedding cakes in time

You know very well the gesture involving cutting the cake? Well, it seems that it’s the first thing that the bride and groom do as a married couple, they unite their hands into cutting the wedding cake and so this is the first thing that they do as a married couple. Besides this gesture, there’s another one that involves feeding with wedding cake one to the other and it’s a symbol of commitment that the bride and groom make.

The earliest form of wedding cake can be seen at the level of the Croquembouche, which is a French sweet piece. This one is believed to have been made by a French chef, after visiting the medieval England – so, he gave birth to this sweet piece.

In other words, the wedding cake is a creation of the 20th century, and around the 1888 years you could observe the sugar frosting used on these wedding cakes. Besides the cover of the wedding cake, we still remain to mention about the support offered to the wedding cake, which was developed around the year 1902 – because, after all, it’s important to maintain the wedding cake still.

From the simple wedding cakes we’ve jumped nowadays to elaborate sweet pieces of pastry or other details – which in most of the cases don’t even resemble wedding cakes. For instance, we’ve seen many wedding cakes, which were very far away from the initial models of wedding cakes.

Another thing that we think we should mention about is the wedding cake topper! Yes, these have become more and more popular and we’ve seen other personalized ones, which simply make the wedding cake look unique.