Choose the flower girl dress like the bridal gown

As we mentioned in several of our reviews, the flower girl is also important during the wedding ceremony, in fact, she’s an essential character when it comes to carrying the flowers and tossing them on the way to the altar, but not only. You van engage this little girl into multiple such activities with ease.

A flower girl will most commonly wear a gown that imitates or the bridesmaid dress or the bridal gown. We’ve mentioned both of these cases and we’ve also offered examples for these.

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Flower girl dress

Now, we want to rely only on one of these types of flower girl dresses…. We’re speaking about flower girl dresses that are designed accordingly to the bridal gowns. These are made in such a manner as to relate the flower girl better to the bride.
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There are numerous such flower girl dresses, which we’re sure you already are aware of, but we think that adding some extra examples doesn’t seem to be a bad thing at all.

So, we’re speaking about A line flower girl dresses in general…. These are the most common models that you’re able to find in flower girl dresses. You can observe embroidered details on the surface of the bodice and on the skirt as well. Also, the shiny details, they’re also really popular and you’re most common to observe them in flower girl dresses as well.

The bodice is most common realized in not such a tight manner and let’s also add that it can be done with straight neckline, or boat neckline. Also, you can observe thick straps or spaghetti straps, never are you going to see a strapless flower girl dress, it’s simply not appropriate. Or if you see it, you’re going to observe that there’s no sense for the flower girl to wear such a model, it may seem really uncomfortable for her.

choose the flower girl dress like the bridal gownSource
Flower girl dress

V necklines are also most common to be found in flower girl dresses as well, but let’s also mention that such a neckline won’t be that wide or something like that. Let’s also mention that a V neckline it’s at the basis of the neck and you’re not going to see a great part of skin tissue as you’re used in seeing in other such dresses – don’t forget that we’re speaking after all, about the flower girl dresses.

Nevertheless you have to take the flower girl with you if you’re bride and want to choose her a dress. Her opinion matters you know? And you have to make sure that the flower girl dress that you apply for makes the little child feel comfortable in it and in the same time, you have to see her reaction when she sees the flower girl dress!