Chair arrangements 2

We’re going to continue with the topic relating the chair arrangements and we’re going to give another six examples in which you can place floral motifs on your chairs and make them look special.

chair arrangements 2

The first model regards really nice looking chairs, with imperial themes with the backside really tall; these chairs are made of wooden material and smooth material. On the backside of the chair there is a nice floral arrangement that combines roses with nice shiny and transparent fabric. If the material from the chairs is in pink color you can have the floral arrangement in the back made from pink roses with pink fine fabric.
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This ornament looks really similar to the bride’s bouquet. In order to optimize these details, you can place some pieces of this material on the walls all around the roof, use your imagination and see what you obtain.

chair arrangements 22

The next model we want to present to you is a white cover over the chairs and all around the back side of the chair you can put a green fabric that ends up tied in a bow. The green fabric isn’t transparent, it’s quite matt. This combination between white and green looks fascinating if you look all around the room….

Another nice combination is between gold and brown. You can have a normal chair in shiny golden wood; wrap around the margin of the chair’s back a nice ribbon in golden and brown nuances. Tie the piece of cloth with a beautiful rose bud exactly on the corner of the chair….

chair arrangements 23

If we’re talking about a summer wedding, you can have a white wooden chair that has placed on the upper side of the back side a material made from strings. Place at the bottom of this material a green piece of fabric and a white bouquet of flowers! Simply a divine combination!

Black and white can also be applied in the chair arrangements. You can have black chair covers combined with white bows on the margins. You can reverse these two nuances, meaning to use white in covers and black in bows.

The last idea regards normal chairs that have a warm color, both in the fabric used in the design and also in the fabric to cover the part where you can sit. Where you lay your back you can apply a piece of cloth, in white and transparent material. Make sure that the material is long and it has a rose applied on the margin.

chair arrangements 24

It’s up to you if you want to inspire from these examples or not. As we repeated so many times, decide on a theme for your wedding and depending on this you may apply for different combinations of colors and motifs….