Decor tips for open air weddings

Open air weddings are really practical and cheap in the same time. We totally recommend you such a wedding in case you can’t simply decide on a spot where to organize your wedding; if you have a big backyard then it means that you’re definitely advantaged. You can talk with some relatives and take it there in case you think that the weather is too pleasant and you simply can renounce to the salon.

In the lines to come you’re going to read about some décor tips concerning an open air wedding and we’re sure that you’re going to feel really pleased about the things read here. First of all, let’s mention that your pocket will end up being really helped, because you eliminate a lot of expenses and this is a great thing.

decor tips for open air weddings

We start with some minimalist ornaments and ways of arranging your open air wedding. In this case there are used non colors in combination with really strong colors and vivid in the same time. In this case there’s a gray table cover in combination with white chairs. The chairs look simple and don’t have any other details on it.
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The plates are really minimalist too, these are made in a rectangular format and you can observe next to them some gray spots in which there’s placed a flower, thing that denotes delicacy and extravagance in the same time. Also, these details can definitely serve as wedding favors. Another thing to which we would like to relate to refers to another rectangular plate, which is white and it has three wedding favors on it, small cookies or sweets with really delightful details on.

The next thing to which we want to relate to and want you to take into consideration refers to the glasses used on the tables. These are minimalist as well, they are made in fine shapes, really neat and simple in the same time and these are made of transparent glass. Quite some interesting details we’ve got here and you can definitely observe how exquisite these are.

The other thing that we want to mention about concerns the flower arrangements used. In this case we’re speaking about big flower arrangements, which are composed of grass and some flower strains here and there. The grass used is fresh and big in the same time. You can observe some pretty colored flowers placed here and there and the containers in which the flowers are placed are rectangular as well.