Suggestions of table arrangements

Are you looking for some tips on how you can arrange your tables in your wedding day? Well, you’ve got all the necessary info here and we’re sure that you’re going to take only the things that seem interesting. In the lines to come, we offer some suggestions of table arrangements that look really great in the same time and we think that you can arrange these in a way or another in order to make them be cheaper.

We’ve got two marvelous examples so that you have where to inspire yourself and we hope that you end up with the nicest combinations and looks. So how about it? Are you willing to take into account all the suggestions offered here?

suggestions of table arrangements

The combination between gold and red is really great looking and we’re sure that the suggestion that we’re going to offer to you in the lines to come is absolutely divine and needs to be taken into account. We recommend the usage of a gold table cover and you can apply for gold plates as well. In front of every plate there’s a box in red tone in which you can place your wedding favors. Every plate contains a red napkin with your words of love written on.
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As for the flower arrangements the other details we would like to refer to a centerpiece that consists of a vase filled with yellow flowers and the flowers used around this centerpiece are placed in normal glasses and it’s just a flower in every glass. The other glasses, used for drinking are made from transparent glass and we’re sure that all these things combined together create a really nice visual effect that you’re going to feel tempted to apply for.

The other example that we wanted to offer to you is a nice combination of elements in red and green. This will definitely create a nice visual effect and we’re sure that you’re going to feel tempted to apply for one of these.

suggestions of table arrangements 2

Use a red table cover and the plates should be also in red but, in a darker tone and in every plate apply for using a green wedding favor. As for the glasses, use some made of transparent glass. In front of every plate, use a green candle that should create a wonderful contrast with the other elements.

The flower arrangements should be made in green and red tones and you can apply for as many flowers as you can in this combination, make the centerpieces in really vivid combinations of green and red and make them look as fresh as possible.