Ornaments made of fruits or vegetables 2

We would like to continue the topic regarding the ornaments that you can make of fruits, vegetables and food. You can ask the chef to do them for you and create a splendor of interesting shape that feasts your guests’ eyes! Maybe the last examples didn’t satisfy you at all and we would like to continue with other ones….

ornaments made of fruits or vegetables 2

The first suggestion is a plate of pears that can realize the desert part. Take some pears and cut them into fine models of leaves, with nice shapes and corners. You can have on top of these ornaments a pear placed and also some whipped cream to complete the desert, because let’s admit it! You can serve your guests with simple fruits; you need to put something in addition. Leaving the jokes behind, you can use these fruits as simple ornaments that aren’t designed for eating, only for being viewed and admired by the guests.
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The next example regards a yellow watermelon that is pierced in such a manner and with so many models that it creates a nice yellow rose! It looks exquisite and it looks better if it’s placed on some leaves.

ornaments made of fruits or vegetables 22

Watermelons can’t create only roses; they can also create nice daisies if the one that cuts the fruit knows how to do it and if he creates nice corners, really small that look like petals. Besides placing these ornaments on really big leaves, you can put them on flowers together with grass! The aspect given is great!

Up to now we’ve been speaking much about watermelons. How about cutting a watermelon in half and place some flowers inside of it! Flowers made of vegetables or other fruits….. You can have nice flowers made of cucumbers, with nice corners that make the leaves and leaves made also of cucumbers. You can have onion tales to create more leaves, or pierce a long pepper in order for it to look like a leaf too. You can place in the middle of the flowers grapes, or olives! You can make flowers also of lemons, carrots and so on….

Pumpkins are also great for realizing ornaments. Take as many pumpkin fruits as you can and start piercing through them with the knife. You can do this think if you feel like doing it, or if you’re sure that you can’t you can ask somebody who’s really good at this stuff to do it for you.

ornaments made of fruits or vegetables 23

It’s important you have your own ideas, a basic point from where to start from! And the other suggestions can be given by other persons and you’ll come to a point in which you blend ideas and create something wonderful, beyond imagination.